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    Accomplishment Thread

    I just got my first 2 sub-30 kilominx singles right in a row: 27.93 and 28.50, and got a PB 31.42 ao5 in the weekly comp! Also I'm officially sub-1:30 with megaminx and I recently got my first sub-1:20 ao12!
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I finally got a sub-1:30 megaminx ao5: 1:29.79 and a 1:26.59 PB single. I got my third, fourth, and fifth sub-1:30 singles in a row in that average.
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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    8.33 with a xxx-cross
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    Accomplishment Thread

    3x3x3 single PB progression in the last 20 days: 11.126→10.73→10.57→10.51→8.33 Also I brought my ao12 PB from 14.90 to 14.58. And I got my first sub-20 OH single. These are my OH PBs, all of which I achieved last night: single: 17.69 ao5: 24.19 ao12: 25.83 ao50: 27.85 ao100: 28.44 I'm so happy...
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    Use of inspection in unofficial solves

    I always use 15 second inspection unless I'm using a stackmat timer, which I usually don't do because I have no convenient way to time the inspection with it, but I don't tend to go over 15 seconds anyway unless I'm doing something I'm less experienced at.
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    World Record Predictions for Year 2025

    3x3: 3.1x / 4.9x 2x2: 0.3x / 0.9x 4x4: 15.9x / 18.4x 5x5: 31.5x / 35.7x 6x6: 59.xx / 1:08.xx 7x7: 1:34.xx / 1:42.xx OH: 4.9x / 7.9x 3BLD: 12.4x / 16.9x FMC: 16 / 20 Feet: 14.5x / 17.9x Pyra: 0.6x / 1.4x Mega: 24.9x / 28.3x Sq-1: 3.9x / 5.5x Skewb: 0.8x / 1.6x Clock: 2.9x / 3.6x 4BLD: 59.xx 5BLD...
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    When will you stop cubing? (If you do)

    Absolutely never! It's the most satisfying thing I've ever done and it benefits my mind and I'd never want to throw that away. It's a very significant part of my life. It's like my best friend. I won't stop at least until I die.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    New 3x3 PBs: ao12: 15.23→14.90 ao50: 16.21→15.87 ao100: 16.61→16.21 I also got a 14.28 ao5 when my PB is 14.273.
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    troubles with

    The categories don't show up. I click the + and nothing happens.
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    troubles with

    For some reason when I try to add events on it does nothing. When I click the + it just doesn't respond. This has happened every time I've tried and I've been trying for months. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a bug I'll have to wait to be fixed or is there something I can do...
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    Harry Savage 17 FMC Single + Sebastiano Tronto 24.00 mean

    Finding this out made my birthday.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Yesterday I got my first sub 1:30 megaminx single: 1:29.78! I got an easy star, pretty much every F2L pair built itself and my lookahead was exceptional throughout the solve and it finished off with a star CPLL. I also got new 3x3 PBs this morning: ao50: 16.61 ao100: 16.74 My first sub 17 of...
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    Stickerless vs Stickered

    I prefer stickerless mostly because stickers chip and peel and stickerless generally looks prettier.
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    2018 New Year's Resolutions / Goals

    Beat all my pbs - I think I beat all the ones that matter 2x2: learn full CLL and start learning EG, sub 4 global average - learned full CLL 3x3: sub 18 global average - achieved 4x4: improve yau, sub 1 global average - improved yau but there's always room for improvement 5x5: sub 3 global...
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    Should Master Pyraminx be added to the Weekly Competition?

    I'm really glad it's being added cause I just got a master pyraminx for Christmas and I'm having a lot of fun with it despite how much regular pyraminxes annoy me, probably because it's a new challenge and there's more to the solve besides the tips than there is on a regular pyraminx. Tips still...