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    Upcoming puzzles

    The Cubicle did that to the original Volt.
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    Do I suck? xD

    I agree. Doing 3x3 will help you get better at 2x2.
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    The Pyraminx "Example Solve" Game

    U R U' R' U u' // V y z' R' L R L' U L R' L' R U' // L4e Next: R' L R' L B U' L' R' l b' u'
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    Magnetic vs non magnetic

    Yeah. The Valk, GTS, and Gan air were really the last cubes to come out that were really good without magnets. Non magnetic versions of today's flagships are for the most part worse than those three because they were not designed to be nonmagnetic. Many people still think that the nonmagnetic...
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    WCA Live

    It appears now that the organizers have a choice of using CubeComps or WCA live, as some ongoing competitions are on CubeComps but not on WCA Live, or the other way around.
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    Three sub-40 Megaminx Reconstructions - What TPS do you need to be world-class at megaminx?

    This is absolutely amazing! I wish more megaminx solvers would do stuff like this.
  7. N scavenger hunt.

    Any one know where the instagram one is?
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    [Help Thread] Cubing Critiques and Help

    I would recommend not learning them as algorithms but from Lazermonkey's video "All F2L algorithms explained intuitively". Algs aren't always best for F2L.
  9. N scavenger hunt.

    Can I have a hint as to where the ones on the website are? Besides the one in the Sale section.
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    Upcoming puzzles

    Of a Lingao or of a Rubik's brand?
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    [WR] Max Park - 3x3 OH 6.82 Single

    Strange how the results of the comp aren't on CubeComps, but they are already in the WCA website
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    [Help Thread] Cubing Critiques and Help

    Can I join? I average 10 on 3x3 and can give some advice on other events as well. Also, can SM Cubing help me get sub 20 on OH? I average about 24 My main other events are Pyraminx and Skewb, on which I average 3.5 and 5 respectively, so PetrusQuber might want to add that.
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    What is the easiest WCA event to get world class at?

    If top 1000 is world class enough for you, then Pyraminx is easy
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    Do I suck? xD

    You are doing awesome, just keep on practicing with Ortega. Improvement will come rapidly at your stage, I expect you will get a sub 20 average tomorrow or at least this week ;)
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    speedcubes-expensive or cheap/ roux

    TheCubicle is based in the US so I would go with Also, if you are a beginner, Layer by layer might be easier to learn than roux