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    Selling Cubicle Labs, Cosmic, Angstrom & more...

    How much are the wrm and gan x?
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    Selling a bunch of cubes!!!

    I'm selling a bunch of my old cubes to thin out my collection. I will negotiate prices. Stickerless X man Galaxy v2 megaminx, white replaced with black - $12 Stickerless Moyu Aohun megaminx - $8 White Yj Yuhu megaminx - $4 Stickerless Qiyi Qifa square 1 - $4 White Qiyi square 1 - $8 Black...
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    3.19 Skewb PB Ao5! | Walkthroughs!

    Easy cases not eastbound lmao
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    3.19 Skewb PB Ao5! | Walkthroughs!

    I did some weird solutions and got eastbound cases. I think I do weirder layers than other skewb solvers and those can get me nice solved sometimes.
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    3.19 Skewb PB Ao5! | Walkthroughs!

    5.5 2.24 1.97 3.01 with a cube drop 3.69 2.98 average on these 1. 2.122 B L' U' R' L' U' L' R 2. (3.198) B' U' B' R' B U' L' B' 3. 2.502 B U L' B L R B' R' 4. 2.465 L' B R' U R L' B L' U 5. (2.032) B U R B L U' L' R try these scrambles
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    UWR Pyra 0.71 ao5 1.29 ao12 by Dylan Chan!

    the 0.77 was 5 moves so not comp legal
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    Selling 2 356 Xs and More

    does the x come with the magnets and GES nuts?
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    Best Square-1 comparison

    I prefer the volt but don't use it due to pieces breaking
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    World Record Predictions for Year 2025

    Lol I meant the 4bld one but I might need to rewatch it. 5bld can be improved a lot with way less pauses tho
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    World Record Predictions for Year 2025

    In the impossible way or the way too slow way
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    World Record Predictions for Year 2025

    Possibly, memo could get even better but the current WR had so few pauses and very fast turning
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    [Official] 7.62 3x3 Single

    I rubbed my knee on the floor and it hurt for the rest of the day
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    [Official] 7.62 3x3 Single

    Got 3 7 second solves before I even got a 9 at this comp Also the reaction was great
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    [Help Thread] Big Cube Discussion (5x5 / 6x6 / 7x7 / etc)

    Best thing to do is just do solves