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    The CTRL + V game

    tengo amigos cero
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    Is Lubix becoming ridiculous?

    wow 100 im just a kid mercy pls
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    Overused/Annoying/Unoriginal Youtube Comments

    comments about the like/dislike bar eg. x people missed the like button you know stuff
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    I Will Make Your Avatar :D

    alot of spam...
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    [Unofficial] 15.67 OH avg12 - Michal Pleskowicz

    [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#!#!!!!!1 edit: 15.04, 15.61, 17.08, 16.34, (17.88), 17.33, 17.00, 13.04, 14.90, (14.21), 11.27, 16.20 seems abit wrong???
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    hi you are so cool

    hi you are so cool
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    What does 'IDK' mean?

    ur a smart
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    Pokemon ...

    I want to be Tentacool because I totally love meeting it while going to Cinnabar Island.
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    Stranger: asfjhasf? You: fsahjfsa Stranger: fvbjhoisdf You: zcxwoiubl Stranger: uiuokjwd! sadhue, sdjirg? You: faldskfjkeos, isuiuofa. Stranger: iuoegjjir You: lizousiboan, xuioalsaifby Stranger: juuiewhbrg awhefuy, eiuyterwo wtf lol You: FOOD! Stranger: yes You: ahhh You: my 14th can of coke...
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    Your RU' or R'U x63 best time?

    lol that guy is a noob
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    Singapore Open 2010

    oh wow cool dancer
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    [Unofficial] 4.28 2x2avg12

    Actually that is an extremely ugly 3x3 with bits of black plastic glued to it.

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