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    [Unofficial] 13.28 TPS 2x2 Solve

    I don't think your signature could be any more accurate right now? Chris is OP.
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    New Ghost Cubes

    I got mine today!
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    What puzzle do you think the WCA should add next?

    I really wanted someone to say OH Skewb. I just tried it and I think I'm going to start a foundation for protecting tables from getting raped.
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    Dixon Spring 2014 (March 29th)

    That deal was never made.
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    Dixon Spring 2014 (March 29th)

    We weren't in Minnesota, you didn't need that many...
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    Dixon Spring 2014 (March 29th)

    You were sweating like none other though. But, James was worse than everyone else.
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    Fangshi ShuangRen Illusion tension problems

    Do you know of any way to get the measurements of Fangshi screws? Flat headed ones might help a little bit.
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    Fangshi ShuangRen Illusion tension problems

    My Fangshi Illusion finally came in the mail to finish Fangshi Collection. However, I like my cubes really really really loose. So this causes some problem with the Illusion. Since the center caps are recessed into the center pieces, I can't have the tensions super loose like I like them. If...
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    Does anyone have any experience with this puzzle?

    It's called the Z Magic Volcano Puzzle, I saw it on, here's the link: It looks pretty interesting, I'm considering buying it since it is fairly cheap; however, I have done some looking around and I haven't found a single...