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    Organizing Competitions

    Thank you.
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    Organizing Competitions

    I need help. What do you all think is the best venue for organizing competitions? If there is anywhere specific in Colorado that you think would be a good venue, please reply with an answer.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    What is the best 4x4 cube this year in your opinion? Mini Wuque M Moyu Aosu M Valk 4 M Other (reply with the cube) The cubes listed are just the best in my opinion. That is why I added "other" option.
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    I got my first 3BLD success today! After 278 DNFs (that hurt to say), I finally got it. It was 5:38.86. Soon I will be the next Stanley Chapel. LOL
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    What cubes should be removed from the WCA?

    I think 3x3 with feet and clock should be removed because not that many people like them that much. People are also not that serious about those events. Clock is not even a twisty puzzle. OH is like feet but OH makes sense.
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    (New) What cubes should be added to the WCA events list?

    I feel like team blind wouldn't work because of how difficult it would be to post the results. Also how do you decide partners. Master Kilominx is basically a big 4x4. Definitely Redi cube because it is like Skewb. The turning is completely different
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    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    I am expecting a few WRs. Max Park will probably get one or two. I want to see multi-blind record broken as well. One-handed needs to be broken. It has been too long.
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    Budget High-end 3x3 comparison

    I use a GTS3 M, but if I had a Little Magic, I would use that. I have used my friend's Little Magic and I loved it.
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    Best 2x2 comparison

    I have a magnetic YJ MGC and it is worse than my friends weipo by far. Well that's just my opinion.
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    Goals Thread

    It doesn't matter if you are good or bad. It just matters that you accomplish your goals so you are happy.
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    Goals Thread

    This is the first thread I have made. This will be a place where cubers can say their goals for an upcoming competition as well as their mains for each event. My second ever competition is coming up next week: Pikes Peak 2019. Here are my mains and goals. Goals: 2x2: Sub-6 single and sub-7...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I am finally sub-6 one 2x2 with average of twelve with consistent averages of around 5.90
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    [Member Intro] Hello

    I am an intermediate level cuber who loves to solve square-1 and hates non-wca puzzles.