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    [Official] 12.13 OH single (Roux) - Ryan Przybocki

    Not sub me :P But still, really nice solve!
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    [Review] CamCuber ThunderClap 3x3

    This cube was purchased from in September 2015. The cube is very fast and smooth, with a slight bumpy feel. The corner cutting is great, going past 45, and reverse cutting a full cubie. The only downfall is that it can get very fast, or uncontrollable in hot weather. Tightening...
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    2016 New Years Resolutions / Goals

    2x2 : idc, maybe learn EG1 3x3 : Sub 8.5 globally 4x4 : Sub 34 globally 5x5 : Sub 1:10 globally 6x6 : Sub 2:15 globally 7x7 : Sub 3:30 globally OH : Sub 14 globally Skewb : Learn algs, NAR, win nationals if i go, not get nervous in comp mega : Sub 1:30 Pyra : Sub 4.3 Sq1 : Sub 17...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Oh goodness gracious.
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    White cubes vs. Black cubes

    That is an opinion, many people use white on white.
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    [Official] Possible Skewb Mis-scramble (final round at KPW 2015)?

    Aw shucks. I can't read anymore. I interpreted 2 points from OP wrong xD
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    [Official] Possible Skewb Mis-scramble (final round at KPW 2015)?

    The amount of moves you solved it in doesn't matter. It needs to be 7 or more optimal. And obviously you wouldn't be given another attempt because the competition ended. If it ends up being 6 move optimal, it will be DNF'd, even though it's out of your control. (As you can see, I'm an expert on...
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    [Official] 10.57 3x3 Average (w/Sub-9 Single Fail) - Katie Hull

    Wow that was nice... I see sub 10 really soon, and your turning style is just <3
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    [WR] Michał Rzewuski - 1.67 Skewb Single

    almost double the moves of the previous 2 WR singles... Nice!
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    Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and San Bernadino CUBERS

    Why don't you hold the comp instead of asking and waiting?
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    [Unofficial] 3.67 Pyraminx Ao5

    Nice! method?
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    Does anybody really like 4x4?

    I like 4x4, mostly cuz im decent :P
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    Trading/Selling new stickers

    I would say just sell them because unless they are cubicle stickers, no one is really gonna want them :/ just a thought, maybe throw them in with cube trades, not just solely stickers.