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    Yellow Or Green?

    Me and some friends from the Speedsolving Discord are having a discussion about if this color is Yellow or Green and I need your help to find out. :D -Nard Cubes
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    A permanent fix would be gluing them on. I'm not sure if there is a less permanent way. -Nard Cubes
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    Video Ideas?

    I was wondering what kind of videos would be popular amongst cubers. Tell me what cubes or topics you think are good video ideas. -Nard Cubes
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    I bought a OP Dayan 2x2 for $8.

    I didn't mean that the OP Dayan was good in terms of pure performance, I meant it was good in terms of rarity ( Especially for $8 ) BTW, The OP Dayan 2x2 is still a good 2x2 and for some people it is equal to or better than modern 2x2s. ( But it is all up to personal preference. ) In fact I am...
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    I bought a OP Dayan 2x2 for $8.

    So I just went to a Competition and someone was selling cubes ( Which doesn't really happen where I am. ). My friend walked over to me and said the guy was selling a OP Dayan and that he wasn't going to buy it. So I decided to buy it, I walked over to the seller and asked how much it was. He...
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    Is there better contrast on stickered or stickerless Gan 356 X?

    I use the stickered Gan X and I am quite happy with it. Happy Cubing!
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    Forgot a cube!

    Just recently I moved and I accidentally left all my cubes packed away in storage except for a GTS2 so all I had for 4 months was one 3x3. (*_*)
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    How many Youtube subscribers do YOU have?

    I just hit 26 Subs and I make cubing videos every Saturday.
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    Interested is OP DaYan 2x2

    Oh Ok Good Luck Finding It :)
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    Interested is OP DaYan 2x2

    Well I have a NP Dayan and its pretty good but I also bought a Valk 2 and it required little setup to be just as good. These are the reason I think you should get the Valk 2. 1.Takes less setup 2. Its Magnetic 3.Comes with nice stickershades 4. Its usually cheaper than a Dayan So moral of...
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    Yes mine is setup and I removed factory lube.
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    GAN356 X Setup Thread (Numerical IPG)

    There is also Traxxas 50k, Its really cheap on amazon and you get a huge bottle.
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    Numerical IPG and Black Plastic.
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    3x3 is locking up randomly (GAN 356 X)

    I have one in stickered and it works fine, No problems with catching or sticky turns.