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    Online purchases...Gone wrong

    ... I am just curious to know if anyone else has run into a problem purchasing puzzle cubes through online vendors? I'm not going to name any names of websites that I've gone to but I think that we can all surmise some stores from others without saying their names. I have been burned three...
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    Selling Collection! (Gan+MoYu+Yuxin+Qiyi)

    :cool: nice haul for whoever picks it up. my boyfriend wants to see all my cubes to disappear...
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    Looking for a alpha cubes or any old 3x3s

    Sure thing, also, do brands matter? I picked up a couple of 3x3's a while back. No brands sticker less and I had to really clean them up. At first I thought that they wouldn't turn and maybe they weren't actual twisty puzzle cubes but sculptures.
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    Looking for a alpha cubes or any old 3x3s

    How old, is old? Check Ebay, I've recently seen people selling entire collections.
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    [Member Intro] I'm addicted

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    [Member Intro] I'm addicted

    Hey, I don't compete nor do I even time my solves. I do have a pretty nice collection that I love to display. The two in my collection that I cannot solve are the "Blade" and the "Morph Egg". Who knows, I may come to your knowledge base and expertise for advice one day. Skewb mods are tough...