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    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    I experimented with it but stopped using it.
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    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    Mine are here. You may or may not prefer them.
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    [Official] 0.71 2x2x2 Single - Chris Olson

    Err, it's 2016, not 2015.
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    WCA 2016 Regulation Change Ideas

    Playing Devil's advocate for a second: it's really not that difficult to add in a clause saying that M/M'/M2 are each considered to be one move for the purpose of noon-FMC events, while emphasising that these are all considered two moves for the purpose of FMC.
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    [Unofficial] 1 Year Delayed 3BLD Part 2 Execution [Sirwaffle]

    Didn't Jude attempt this as well?
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    [Unofficial] 9.66 Square-1 Average of 12, 9.07 PB Average of 5 (with QiYi Square-1 Review)

    I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you saying your global average is 10-11 now?
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    [Unofficial] 9.66 Square-1 Average of 12, 9.07 PB Average of 5 (with QiYi Square-1 Review)

    Wat. What were you averaging before you got your QiYi? Maybe I should buy one...
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    Speedcubing is now faster than Sport Stacking! (Cup Stacking)

    Huh, it appears that you don't need to have your palms flat on the stackmat when starting a "solve" in sport stacking.
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    Welcome Thay Cambridge 2015

    Can the sq1 soft cut be 12 seconds?
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    UK Championship 2015

    The venue was incredible. Thanks to everyone involved on the organisational side of things; comp ran very smoothly. And thanks for letting me borrow your sq1 Daniel :)
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    UK Championship 2015

    My inbox is full, so Facebook me.
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    UK Championship 2015

    I keep forgetting to sort out accommodation. Does anyone need to also book a room, or has anyone got space for me? :p
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    Cuthberts Open 2015 - 26th/27th September (UK)

    Back in my my day, it was only 2-5, OH and 3BLD, and we liked it.
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    The Glorious North 2015 (1-2 August, Manchester, England)

    Super fun comp. Made me realise that if I practiced I might improve a bit. Thanks Zak and Adam for organising, and Zak for putting me up. What were some of the bonus awards that I missed?
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    [ER] Ciarán Beahan 1:57.70 6x6 mean

    This is crazy, good job. For some perspective, was your first round average bad for you, or is this really good for you, or a bit of both?