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    [Unofficial] 8.66 3x3 Average of 5. Tips?

    Firsteval cross.. It's too slow, you have to do cross 2 times faster. F2L is quite good but it's not so smooth. And the disaster - LL. You lose a lot of time thinking what to do. Training, training, training again and I think your times will be 2 times better. Of course joke. I don't know what...
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    Big Cube BLD Discussion

    I've got a problem with 555 bld. Everything I do as in 444, inner edges with M2 method, but I don't know how to execute inner centers. Friend told me to use this comm: l E l' U2 l E' l' U2 and the inversion. But it's very hard to make setups of it to some cases. Can somebody help me and find...
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    Michal Pleskowicz 12.77 average OH @ Cubing Spring 2012,Grudziądz Poland :)

    6.11 single TH. You know Who. Also 18/25, 21/25, 19/25 multiBLD of Marcin Kowalczyk.
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    Michal Pleskowicz 12.77 average OH @ Cubing Spring 2012,Grudziądz Poland :)

    It's not the end. OH Finals: M. Pleskowicz: 12.67 o.0 12.15 14.53 13.27 12.58 10.77 = 12.67
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    [Unofficial] Maskow: Multiblindfold 23/23, 51:25.80

    Guys he is the best example that hard work is more important than talent. I'm pretty sure that Maskow has done the biggest amount of multiBLDs in the world. I have seen his progress since August and he was slowly increasing amount of cubes. Slowly but persistently, so it was very fast :D We were...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Look at this xxcross above it's impossible :D It's terrible, in our country you can be out of stage with sub20 avg or even sub17/18 avg if all best OH solvers from Poland would come -.- I'm not as cool as plechoss, I've got terrible LL so I wanted to show my OH F2L times. Only few tries, maybe...
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    Speedcubing achievements this year

    My biggest achievement is connected with BLD. On Świerklany Open in July I've done my first successful solve 6:xx. 2 months later on Poznań Open I've done 1:48. Now I've done couple of sub60 solves, my personal best is 53.xx - sub60 BLD single - sub10 444bld single - 9/9 multi bld in 40 minutes...
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    Big Cube BLD Discussion

    I've solved maybe five 444 blindfolded, my best is 9:22 and now I noticed that I've got problems with centers. I solve centers with U2 method and it's very nice, because it's so easy to understand. But I have to use inner slices all the time so my execution time is very long. I start after memo...
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    How many push ups can you do?

    No something around 50, but one year ago I could do 100+, sometimes 120 ;)
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    [Unofficial] Andrew Brown 6.27 OH single

    I think same as you that this solve is faked, but.. I just want him to do sub10 or sub9 on competition, it would be nice to prove that it's real :)
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    9:59.64 - 444 BLD, 4th solve ever completed. I'm sure I can do something near 5 minutes, because I think I can do memo in 2-3minutes. Now I have problems with memo of edges. I do it very calm and slow, sometimes I don't know which piece it is (r2 method). My normal 333bld memo is around...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    What are your favourite way to learn BH corners? Just scrambling a cube and trying to solve corners (of course after understanding method) or comparing your solutions to optimized algs from BH website, doing it from the beginning to the end of the list?
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    I've just learned direct insert and A9 from BH method. Not learned - I've understood the method. I'm curious how long have you learned all of the cases? I must think about every case for at least 5 second before executing it. So I want to know your 'learning BH' time? I mean: how long after...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    I've got a question about corners. Now I solve cube blindfolded with M2/OP, my memo is around 30s. (sometimes less sometimes more) but it's very hard for me to do sub60 solves. Corners take me a lot of time, too much time :/ I think about changing OP to something, but I don't understand comms, I...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Today I had great BLD day. 3x3BLD: one 58.xx, one 1:00.xx and some sub1:05 solves. These are great times for me ;) M2/OP 4x4BLD: Few days ago I made my first successful solve - 17:xx. Today I've done solve better than it by 6 minutes ;) - 11.58.04. I'm very happy because it's my second solve...