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    Share your color schemes/themes for any customizable timer

    I' m using a altered standard scheme. (69) background: Material Design Wallpaper 0149.jpg Colour: #000#fa7#fa7#fa7#000#000#f844
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    Cubetastic Web Timer - with TNoodle scrambles!

    Hey, I just started using your timer, and i do really like it, but I have some improvement points here: 1. Option to disable holding the bar before starting. 2. Uploading a picture instead of uning a url 3. penalty's and deleting solves. 4. some more settings, for me it's fine now, but more...
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    csTimer released

    Doesn't work either Yeah, I might try using chrome, see if that helps the problem... I tried opera browser, because chrome and Firefox didn't work on the iOS version it is running, but still get the same problem. I think it isn't going to work, so does someone have a suggestion of a good timer...
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    csTimer released

    csTimer iPad bug help every time I open csTimer on my iPad, i try to adjust the settin gs, i can't, because the settings themselves don't appear (see picture). Is there anyone who can help me / fix this?? btw i'm using safari on a iPad 3