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    Pattern thread

    But after all, This is the Microsoft pattern!
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    Pattern thread

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold. The Microsoft pattern! On a 2x2 with red facing you and blue ontop, do this: B' R D' B' R' B R You should now be faced with the all beautiful logo of the company we all know and hate. To undo, do R' B' R B D R' B Oh yes i was bored.
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    [Unofficial] 6.15 single with PLL skip

    Is that windows XP i see there? retro!
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    [Review] Alpha CC

    My main <3
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I think we should stick to discussing about kyosho lube. It's really amazing, in my opinion. You can get it from any hobby shops that carries kyosho products, just ask for kyosho differential oil, 50000 Weight Heck, i thought my old guhong was fast! Wait.. Team losi still exists?
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Okay, havent kept up with lubix lately. I really reccomend this stuff. I lubed my zhanchi and my lingyun with it and they became amazing! I love this lube!
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Lubed my zhanchi with it, and the first impressions are that this stuff is amazing, it definately improved it, Now i dont own any lubix to compare this with, but i most likely will use this over my CRC. I'll keep you updated. RANDOM--> The scent of this substance is very.. subtle, but still...
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Yet another lubix alternative? Got my new silicone today. The brand is "kyosho", i got the 50K weight version, but the range is big. I'm still experimenting with this stuff and i will keep you updated. Here is a link to a page where you can get this stuff once you know my opinion on it...
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    More cubing memes

    I posted this earlier, but it.. disappeared? no pm, no nothing, just gone. tell me if im derp, but im posting this again. Post funny pictures of memes with cubing related jokes. To make yours, go to
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    How fast is your internet?

    150Mbps, soon 300. i'm also getting a balanced connection to get high speeds on upload, too :D
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    Athletes, anyone?

    I practice theoretical sports, everyday.. Meh, the only real sport i do is squash, probably.
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    My server's IP is it has 6 worlds and 6 gamemodes, some ranks, staff and cool people, welcome! I'm getting some professional server hardware soon to up the playerlimit, but welcome.
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    ZhanChi weirdness?

    A 300ml bottle of CRC that costs a dollar or two, will lube hundreds of cubes. I've used my silicone for 2 years and its still full. My silicone doesn't say "heavy duty" on it, perhaps its different? Thanks for the tips! There is a hobby shop near me, actually. ill go see if i can find...
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    ZhanChi weirdness?

    CRC branded silicone does not have any petroleum in it Why would i need to include pictures? just a normal colored zhanchi. Also, it does have torpedoes in, but at the tightest tension comfortable for me, its still overly loose and locks up, corners turn around etc. I have never had a...
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    ZhanChi weirdness?

    I recently picked up my zhanchi again, in an effort to make it one of my mains. I adjusted it and it turns just the same as my guhong(main) But, it is still overly loose. i.e. i pull apart the layers a little and it explodes everywhere, and pops/locks up! And if i tension it so that it...