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    New Born Drunk version

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    ShortPrayer My first work

    lol really?
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    ShortPrayer My first work

    sir, but as i told, that's the first part. it's a demo, not the full version .
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    ShortPrayer My first work

    Notes are 7 and the beginning doesn't remind me anything.
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    ShortPrayer My first work

    This is actually done by me, I like to create little pieces for piano, and I'm going to upload other compositions. * This is not the full version! just a demo.
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    Do you have hobbies stranger than cubing?

    Playing piano;)
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    [Unofficial] 2x2x2 a5:1,70 a12: 2,87

    2.52, (7.45), 3.80, 1.31, 2.40, (1.16), 1.50, 2.31, 3.94, 4.49, 2.52, 3.86:fp
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    [Unofficial] 2.26 avg12 Ville Seppanen

    All scrambles generated by qqtimer end with U' xd And I really dunno the reason.
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    [Unofficial] 4x4 cube avg5 35.52

    Who really cares?? We alredy know that. Don't lose your time looking for videos like this-.- Bravo giò
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    Dayan, Please Make a Mini Guhong

    Actually yes!
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    Erik on Are you squared?

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    Sexy G-Perm

    this is the same G perm I use! Actually it's so sexy
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    [Official] 4x4 : 47.96 avg5 Stefano Bevacqua, Italy

    gogogogogogog Stefano!!!!!