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    Edit the Sentence!

    My anteater Mr. Felix waddled to his zoo and stole many herds of cubes
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs - 5.69 3x3 Average

    The reign of Felix is not over :)
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    [Member Intro] Hi!

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    Are YOU subscribed to pewdiepie?

    That’s a good question, and one I had for a very long time. I subscribed because I didn’t want to see an individual creator lose to a giant corporation. I watched a few of his videos and I really like his personality and the content he posts is funny.
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    Are YOU subscribed to pewdiepie?

    Just doing my part. If you are not, please subscribe.
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    Make assumptions about the next person

    No 3x3 is nice. Next person is heading to school
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    Make assumptions about the next person

    No Next person likes grapes
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    How many Youtube subscribers do YOU have?

    Nothing posted on it
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    Why and How did you start cubing?

    In 2016 one of my friends brought in a cube to school and could solve it! I thought it was the coolest thing and really wanted him to teach me. It took a few weeks (since I didn’t have many classes with him) but I finally learned. My first timed solve was 2:14 seconds. My goal was to surpass...
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    Do young people have a negative impact on the community?

    I guess I’m considered young. (13) And I try my best to be able to not be a complete pain to others. I’m the most experienced at my school (15s average on 3x3) and people expect me to teach them and whatnot. It’s really annoying, but I would say that everyone starts off young, and if you treat...
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    Duplex Method

    Am I the only one who is bothered by the lack of capitals? Btw cool method
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    Cubing animation channel

    First animation is on its way. It will be a beginners introduction to what cubing is, and some things involved. Hoping it’s going to turn out well, and that people will enjoy it.
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    [WR] Max Park - 1:51.63 7x7 Mean

    Wow... this is just awesome.
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    Cubing animation channel

    Okay, however I still have to download a software and stuff, so it may take a while. I think I could probably make one decent animation a month... mayyyyyybe