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    [Unofficial] Yu Da Hyun 44.69 Megaminx Average of 5

    Wtf that look ahead and tps is insane!
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    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin - 1:03.58 4x4 OH UWR

    So many pauses, I think you can sub 55!
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    [WR] 6x6 1:40.86 Single and 1:51.30 Average - Kevin Hays

    wtf 40s centers wtf 10s 3x3 wtf L2E Epic reaction. Epic WR.
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    [Official] Maskow: Blindfold 26.01

    LOL I just realised that 26.01 is lower than the former WR
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    [Official] Maskow: Blindfold 26.01

    I'm sorry, but you'r 4th, Orozco is 2nd now (25.xx at worlds) nice solve, and nice reaction, I love it
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    [Unofficial] Kevin Hays vs. Feliks Zemdegs 2-7 relay

    Feliks won because he uses Yau4
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    [NAR] 5x5 single 51.85 Kevin Hays

    I think that w/o the lockup it would be like 51.3~, so, no WR.... (Did I wrote that correctly?)
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    [Official] Grzegorz Jałocha failed 3BLD at Czech Open (32.11)

    that's unfortunate, but the solve was amazing anyway, congratz
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    [Official] Grzegorz Jałocha failed 3BLD at Czech Open (32.11)

    What!? How did you know it was wrong? weird solve, amazing execution tho.
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    [Official] 3OH 21.37 avg

    After 2-years break :)
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    Martín Telésforo "4.41 single" DNF - Perry Open, Mexico

    When I did my official 9.50 my avg was like 17, and in the final my avg was 14-ish, when your avg is 13+ weird things happens. I have my opinion, but I'm waiting for WCA board decision.
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    Your number of 3x3 solves per a day?

    0 ≤ 3³ solves ≤ 200
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    (Poll) How many cubes do you have in your collection?

    ~15 3x3 ~10 2x2 2 5x5 6x6 7x7 Pyraminx Megaminx ~100 random other cubes
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    Favorite Non-WCA Event Puzzle?

    Magic, my official pb was 0.86, SAR :D