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    [Official] BW Open 2012 final

    Final of the BW (Baden-Württemberg) Open 2012 DSx75ZJEZ8M
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    [Official] German Nationals 2011 Final

    Video with the German Competitors of the German Nationals 2011 Final: EI5aJNNoEzU
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    [Official] Munich Open 2011 Final

    7JXBrT9F4ys Video of the complete 3x3 final at the Munich Open 2011. It was a very close head-to-head race between Jan Smarschevski and Stefan Huber
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    Java Applet for Mastermorphix

    Hello, I asked Werner Randelshofer whether he could make a Java Applet for the Mastermorphix. (Werner Randelshofer has already made Applets for many Cubes, see He answered that this would be quite a huge amount of work, but maybe someone...
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    Iran Open 2011

    No, the competition with most competitors was the last World Championship with 327 (including guests and audience it should have been more than 500 people): Most cubers come to competitions in Germany :) Almost Top10 in that list...
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    Czech Open 2010

    Did you know that... ... Czech Open was my most successful competition? ... I've got the average-NR in Mastermagic? ... my first solve in Mastermagic was a +2? ... I've got my first sub30 average in 3x3? ... I've beaten the EC qualification limit for fewest moves? ... my computer has needed more...
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    Selling Rubik's Homer Simpson Head on ebay

    I'm selling a used Homer Simpson Head on ebay: It's used but in good condition. I sell without original packaging. Shipping cost outside Germany on request. I charge only costs for postage, not for...
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    Do OLLs effect which PLL you get?

    Almost correct, but I would add the following: Depending on what algorithm you use to solve the OLL case and depending on how the LL is permuted before applying any algorithm you will get a certain PLL case. Different OLL algorithms permute the pieces in different ways, but you can have...
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    New Ideas for 2010 WCA Regulations?

    I totally agree with you. You perfectly explained what I have thought when I made the same suggestion about one year ago in the WCA forum:
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    World Championships Experience Thread!

    Did you know that... ... I didn't compete in many events because I remained on the waiting list for most events I was registered? ... it was a very great competiton anyway? ... I got place 8 at the Master Magic although I was not completely satisfied with my time (could have been place 4 with...
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    WC2009 Hotels - Where will you be staying?

    I'll stay at the Private Gästewohnung Nowak ( I booked very early and searched for a hotel near the competition. To that time I didn't know that the party would be at the youth hostel. Of course I will...
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    V-Cube 5 advice / help / improve thread

    I just thought the same. I didn't even lubricate my V5 and it is much faster than my Rubik's 5x5.
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    Czech Open 2009

    I will drive to Pardubice on Thursday afternoon and I guess I will passing through Prague at about 17:00. It would be no problem picking you up.
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    Czech Open 2009

    Where are all the other Germans who were already registered? Am I really the only German Speedcuber who goes to Czech Open? Czech Republic is a neighbouring country to Germany and for me (and I think for some others as well) it's the nearest competition to my home (I have to drive about 350km to...