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    7.41 Rubik's Cube on cam PB!

    For everyone calling this fake, I get it, but its really not that odd to get 1 really good solve. Obviously the scaling is different but my pb is 16 secs flat and at that time I averaged like 28-32. Just because you lock up when you see a potentially easy cross/f2l doesn't mean other can't keep...
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    Northern Ireland/belfast competition?

    I remember his happening (now that you've reminded me lol). I was out of the country unfortunately. Pity it hasn't been repeated. I'd go like, for the craic.
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    Northern Ireland/belfast competition?

    I haven't been on the forums since '12 and I see we're as far forward with a competition in the North as we were then lol. I'd be game, although I think unless you're genuinely willing to organize an event your best option is the Irish Open in Dublin as mentioned above. Nothing to stop anyone...
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    [Help Thread] What is a quiet 3x3 cube?

    You can't be old, that makes me old too. :(
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    Belief in evolution?

    It is our own self absorbed definition of the Universe that makes us feel a need for it to have a start and a beginning. I always thought physicists were exceptionally wooly at defining our universe. I think the best way to explain it in laymans terms is to, for one, eradicate the idea that...
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    [Official] 8.06 3x3 single

    Preference is preference. Some people (like me for a start) find keeping speed with recurrent M/M' moves hard to maintain with reasonable fluidity. Fluidity>sharp and fast to me. No wrong choice really though :)
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    Hi Ryan from Ireland here

    WOOT WOOT more Irish! I don't wanna derail the thread but I just started back at cubing too :) Let's get feckin fast!
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    "sub30 is easy"

    If you learn CFOP it literally will just happen with enough practice, and by practice I mean solving. Eventually you will become familiar with how you solve each case and the delay between each case being recognized will drop. Even with inefficient move counts the TPS required is nothing...
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    I'm back! :D Got my cube collection stolen at a house party and only got enough spare cash to buy a new cube. Gonna just start with some Roux this time. GOGOGO WR :D
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    What is the worst/most annoying thing in speed cubing?

    Knowing none of us will ever really be "fast enough". Bittersweet aspect, but it is annoying to think you will never get to a stage where you think "I literally have exhausted all possible ways of improving speed/fmc/whatever you fancy". At least for me, that can go either way, I bet many of you...
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    [Help Thread] Beginners Method Discussion thread

    Well depending on wether you want to stick to a layer by layer method. There is alot to be said for block building methods also. Definitely look into other methods, like Roux for instance, before commiting too much time to a method you may not be suited to. I wish I had started with Roux. But if...
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    Edges Last method

    I like this! I think I'll give this a whirl :) Thanks for sharing!
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    Looking for an original plastic Zhanchi

    By confirm you mean he told you Just because 2 cubes feel different doesn't mean it's for the reason you believe. Could be a number of things. Stop being an ***** and ignoring the fact that the CREATOR himself has verified no changes have been made to the plastic used. Jeez.
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    Sub 20 help/LL tips

    lol Yeah I would just drill PLLs for 5 minutes before doing your normal cubing every day for a while and see if that helps. Otherwise keep practicing and lookahead will come. Sorry for the generic answer, but it reflects the question.
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    [Unofficial] 3BLD Behind the Back While Skiing

    I hate being in Ireland in Winter. Literally nowhere to ski :( I caught the skiing bug in Gstaad, Switzerland. Since then I've just had one day skiing in Sweden. Gstaad was 4 years ago. Count your blessings having slopes that you don't need to fly to andpay a small fortune to enjoy!