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    Weekly Competition 2018-05

    2x2: 8.34 (9.87) 8.75 (5.01) 5.27 = 7.45 3x3: 28.81 (21.35) (32.79) 26.09 22.35 = 25.75 4x4: 2:21.84 (3:14.64) 2:28.43 (2:03.16) 2:10.80 = 2:20.36 Pyraminx: 11.25 12.26 (15.30) 11.61 (10.23) = 11.71
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    [WR] Patrick Ponce - 4.69 3x3 single

    But an effieceint f2l isn't nearly as finger-trickable as a j perm.
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    [WR] Patrick Ponce - 4.69 3x3 single

    Why would it be bad to be the judge of a WR? Front row seating, baby!
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    Famous Cuber Watch

    Patrick Ponce got a Wr 3x3 single: 4.69 seconds.
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    [WR] Patrick Ponce - 4.69 3x3 single

    Amazing job, Patrick! What's wierd is he did a U, U' U' so the solve could've been even faster! Amazing job!
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    2x2x3 5.93 Average Of 5

    noice. i'm trash at 2x2x3, I average ~15 seconds.
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    Do you like the attention non cubers give you?

    I don't know why, but I enjoy it. The questions don't annoy me because I was once as clueless as they were. I enjoy explaining how the cube works and what my PB's are. The one thing that does annoy me is when they lie about stuff: I can solve 5 out of six sides, friend can do it in 1 second...
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    4 Look Last Layer Speeds

    Technically, you can get sub 10 with 4LLL but that is with super duper advanced F2L and years of practice. In all honesty, you can get sub 30 or sub 25 with 4LLL and intuitive F2L. I have gotten 4 sub 20 ao5's with 4LLL and consistently average sub-23.
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    Lubicle Black Stuff and Other Stuff

    If a terrible cube will feel great after using lubicle black, an already good cube will be out of this world once lubed, right?
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    Speedcubing in Washington State

    I know this isn't addressed to me, but I might go, depends on my football schedule.
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    Famous Cuber Watch

    Bill Wang converted to color neutrality when he was sub-10.
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    Cubing Would You Rather

    Rubik's 2.0. It's not bad if you mod it. v-cube 6 for 6x6 main or 1980 rubik's cube as main.
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    Continue that story

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    What are the Robots that view the Forum for?

    IDK, I noticed that as well....