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    Request for Fisher's cube simulator

    There's some guy on the TwistyPuzzles forum who made a simulator called pCubes. It simulates a lot of different puzzles including the Fisher Cube. It's under Cubic > 3x3x3 variants > Fisher Cube. Here:
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    A Collection of Algorithms

    A crap, that's what I meant.
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    A Collection of Algorithms

    Nice A-perm I found while playing around: L2 D l' U2 l L' U2 L D' L2
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    Seven Towns vs. Dayan - Color Scheme Copyright Infringment

    Same here. Both my ZhanChi and my LingYun v2 have NEVER popped. Even though I keep the tensions pretty loose.
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    3x3x3 V-Cube!

    I agree, however I have never seen a physical store (in the Netherlands) that sold v-cubes. Also Rubik's is such a well-known brand, people tend to stick with the familiar.
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    3x3x3 V-Cube!

    Me too. Only, this is not a new idea.
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    Almost finished the blade cube. last layer help

    Use F U R U' R' F' to orient edges and Sune(R U R' U R U2 R') to permute edges. Then use an A-perm to permute corners. And then an intuitive corner orientation like: -put first corner in URF position -R' D' R D R' D' R -adjust top layer so second corner is in URF position -R' D R D' R' D R...
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    Umbrella - Pyraminx Solver

    Thanks! It works perfectly on Dolphin browser for Android tablets.
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    Shengshou 6x6?

    Look for it in the "MODIFYING ZONE" section. Champion has also added a demo video.
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    Shengshou 6x6?

    Aarrrr, cubic it be. Looks pretty cool.
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    Shengshou 6x6?

    The reason why I said I might get another one is because the quality of products can differ between batches. I have noticed the same with V-Cubes.
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    Shengshou 6x6?

    I recieved my ShengShou 6x6x6 last week, got a black one. But it's kind of sluggish and tight. Loosening the scews causes the outer edges to pop like crazy. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed. It might get better with a little breaking in, hopefully. I'll order another one or two soon...
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    [Unofficial] Lubix guhong doesn't pop !

    My GuHong and ZhanChi have NEVER popped. The tensions are quite loose, and there are no anchors in the GuHong. But my turning style isn't particularly rough either.
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    Make a crazy 3x3x2 move freely?

    There is a piece that connects one corner piece to the core, remove that piece. That will make the two circles move freely. The two circles can not be turned independent of each other, without heavily modding the puzzle that is. But why would you want to do this? It makes the puzzle way too...
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    [Help Thread] Axis Cube Discussion and Help Thread

    Well, this is not possible, unless there is another flipped edge. There are no edges with invisible orientation and no duplicate pieces or anything, so like on a normal 3x3x3, one flipped edge is not possible. Pop it out and put it back in correctly.