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    Common Beginner misconceptions/myths

    you should fix that, its confusing the way its worded, for #1 and #2 you are saying this is true but for #3 all of a sudden its this is not true i'd say most people understood you, but only most :3 I had a bit of trouble myself since english is not my native language and #1 is arguable
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    3x3 With Feet Getting Removed

    so now its gonna be legal to use your feet for the standard 3x3 event?
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    [WR] Yusheng Du - 3.47 3×3 single

    i feel like even if every single person in the world started speedcubing and going to competitions this would be hard to break
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    An Alternate A-Perm

    i think he knows
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    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    thats some talented girl
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    BH Tutorial

    i remember those videos... fun times
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    Is a GTS3M better than a GANS 356 air sm?

    no! i mean... yes! gans better
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    One Answer Hardware Question Thread

    the 3x3 yuxin huanglong has two (i believe they are called) washers per center, twelve total, right? i was washing some cubes and suddenly i saw them sticking to the magnetized parts, they seem to have come from the huanlong center pieces but im not sure if they were there in the first place...
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    talking about podcasts this got into my recomended in youtube lol I kinda like adam, but i can't stand most of his guests. they say "yknow what im saying" and "like" way too much, and i am sayin this of all people. Still an interesting look into "black culture" for someone that hasn't been to...
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    Memory Methods

    i use some english words its not good really its not horrible but it burns some brain power im confortable with audio edges for the most part but ill admit sometimes i feel overwhelmed genetics are an important factor here for sure but well these are kind of desperate meassures but you can try...
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    nah age is not a problem i was just joking, hell im old enough to do anything, sigh and i agree a lot of grown up people that would never call a cat "dog" or say that ravens are blue often make huge mistakes about ethics or mathematics or any logic based decision. I personally had a really...
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    Blindfold Failures Thread

    i was timing my cicles with UR and UF as buffers, since one has .1 more qtm average and .1 less htm average than the other at the 170th ish i messed up a cyclce and when i went to delete the time i deleted the whole session, so had to restart when i finished i averaged 1.5 with UF and 1.52 with...
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    im way too young to be reading philosophy books :3 i've considered it recently but reading a book can be slow If i reconsider ill remember the suggestion oh woops just noticed this comment can be sort of insulting lol you old men and your philosophy books ill leave it as is tho
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    Up to Date Best Cubes on the Market?

    I still some guidance should be given to anyone who wants to score a cube from the top of my head i'd say value is or is nto a thing, noise is or is not a thing and what would be a 0/10 and what would be a 10/10
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    What are your favorite podcasts?

    Linus has a weekly tech podcast aswell, i think its pretty informative but i can't compare really. I think Joe's gets old really quick between MMA and Jordan peterson like talks, but the ones with joey diaz are gold, pure entertainment I had a bad experience with sam's, i decided not to give it...