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    I sprained my left thumb about 2 weeks ago, note that I am a righty and use mainly righty algorithms. I let it rest for about 3 days, and every so often during these 3 days I would test how far it would stretch without hurting, that way I knew when it was OKAY to cube without pain.
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    Time barriers

    sub20 average of 12 was probably the hardest, and most rewarding once I broke it. Sub15 was hard, but you knew it was gonna come.
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    Your favorite number!

    24, i dunno why xD
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    SAT advice and discusion thread

    I took my SAT in the middle of my eighth grade year(January 09), just to see If I can get any special summer programs. I got a 550 in math, 450 in reading, and 450 in writing. Kinda bad, but hey, still got like 3 years so study xD
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    Post Dates

    I agree that this should be added to the forums
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    New E Perm

    wow, from the way im performing it right now, there is now regrip. I would post a video, but my camera is dead. I'll try to explain it as best as I can in words: T=Thumb I=Index M=Middle R=Ring P=Pinky U' R U R' this is straight forward. U with M and R still on UR and UBR, put I on URF and...
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    Next WR Average Holder?

    Jason Baum.
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    [Unofficial] 3x3x3 in 8.31 NON LC ! Adam Polkowski

    haha same here! Congratulations man, amazing time!
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    Cubers in Amsterdam

    University of Virginia? Do you recall the name? My 2 older brothers and my 2 older sisters have all been accepted/graduated from UVA :) And I plan on going there too!
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    techno music

    name some of their Pop songs, and name some of their techno songs.
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    Monty Hall problem

    Its 50/50, because you have to constantly apply what you know about the situation into the formula. It WAS 1/3, but he removed one, so now its 1/2.
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    how can i train my turning speed?

    Learn more algorithms, and associate fancy and complicated finger tricks with them. Then do PLL time attacks.
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    Nice little hybrid I found

    hahaha, Very amusing xD
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    Nice little hybrid I found

    Why don't you replace ALL edges? It would seem that if there were only 4, it would be a little off set.