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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    Same here, I love getting a ZBLL case I know as well. That's why I try to learn as many easy ones as I can :D
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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    We all know Simon won't be the fastest ZZ solver officially for much longer, muahahahaa Just kidding simon, love ya :D
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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    Feel free to learn CLS, but I think your time is better spent on practising EOline and F2L. You can just use OCLL + PLL for now. Not trying to discourage you btw, if you want to learn CLS already, go ahead. :D
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    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin 11.71 3x3 OH average of 12

    Vgj! I can't even do this two-handed xD
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    [Unofficial] Feliks Zemdegs 11.01 OH av12

    XD 16 is a very good average for OH, Imo.
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    [Unofficial] Feliks Zemdegs 11.01 OH av12

    That F-perm should be the norm for OH.
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    [Unofficial] Feliks Zemdegs 11.01 OH av12

    Wow. Awesome. Your turning has improved a lot :3 Also, I use some old external keyboard occasionally, I can safely slam my cube on that without damaging anything of high value.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    So, this happened. I'm kinda extremely surprised that happened. O_o 9.15 one-handed B R' D2 U F L R2 D' B D' L' U' F2 B' D' L2 D F B2 D R2 B L2 R' F z2 y' // inspection L' U2 L y L2 D // EOline L' U L U' L2 U L // left block R2 U R2 U R' U' R' U' R // right block J perm 32 moves TPS = 3.6
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    Goals Thread

    Goals: 3x3: Sub-14 global average. OH: Sub-17 global average 4x4: Sub-1 global average 5x5: Sub-2 global average Deadline: February 21st, my next comp.
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    I think a 3 second improvement over a span of 22 days is quite good. Good luck (:
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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    Almost full COLL for 2H and full COLL for OH XD
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    OH Corner Twists

    I kinda just cry like a baby when I get an OH corner twist.
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    Older cubers discussions

    3x3 OH :333
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    F2LL cubers

    I think using easy cases from alg sets is good, like mentioned above. I know easy wv, attempted some cls but havent incorporated that into my solves yet. If you just need an extra U to skip OLL and the recognition is easy, I will take that! :D