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    [Unofficial] Mike Hughey solves 8x8x8 BLD

    Oh wow congrats Mike!!! This is great!
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    OH to 2H times ratio

    My current averages: 14/18= .78 At my peak: 12/15=.8 Who are all these people with over 90+? They must have never solved 2H except to make a time for this poll.
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    Competitor requested orientation

    I agree with Kirjava. I don't think it will be too much trouble to add a random rotation to the end of scrambles. The scramblers cover the cubes before giving it to the judges anyway so the scrambler will just set the correct center on top and the judges will just be instructed to always...
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    How should WCA treat defunct countries?

    I agree with you. He legitimately set a NR back in 1982, I don't think that piece of history should be deleted. The keeping of the NR next to the time shows that he set a record for his country but the current national ranking of "-" shows that his country doesn't exist. Seems good to me.
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    Cubing G+ Hangout?

    How do we get in on the hangouts? I think I remember being in sticam groups back in the day!
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    I've been cubing again the past few days. :-) Seeing this new sub-13 OH averages are just crazy...
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    How costly is cubing?

    It's pretty cheap for me! I am still using my old type A that I bought in 2007. A $12 purchase that has lasted me 5 years plus some. As for the cost of goods in India, I was mainly surprised by the cost of the movie tickets. Going to see a film I generally think of as a "luxury". Like where I...
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    y' inspection U r U2 y' R2 U' x' R2 U' z cross y U R' U' R D U y' R U R' D' pairs 1+2 U2 L U' L2 B L B' pair 3 y' U R U R' y' U' R' U R pair 4 U2 R' U2 R U R' U R Sune G perm 12turns Total: 52 Alternate: U2 x' R U z U' x' D R' Cross y R2 U' R' U R U R Pairs 1+2 U L U L' U' L U' F' L' F Pair 3...
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    Competition in Orlando, Florida

    Hopefully someone can text me/facebook me the details since I don't really get on the forums much (I saw a link to this thread on facebook) but if I know about it I will be there and will be able to help judging and scrabbling or whatever else needs be done.
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    OH Questionnaire part 2

    1.) Different cube. I use an old type A that's like... 4 years old. Its kinda crappy but I like it. 2.) I don't practice too much anymore, but at my peak I did over 100 solves a day. 3.) I did turns over and over again to build endurance and finger strength. I did finger tricks over and over...
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    [Unofficial] Arifumi Fushimi 15.27 OH avg12

    Yea, I still do OH, I can do 16s averages still but that is now a slow time compared to what I've seen from others. I haven't competed because there are no comps in FL and no one wants to sponsor me haha :-P There haven't been any in GA for a while either. I was in China during the last GA comp.
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    [Unofficial] Arifumi Fushimi 15.27 OH avg12

    Wow, I feel so slow now.
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    Robert's OH algorithm discoveries

    How do I own a Y perm? I stole mine from one of the Japanese cuber's youtube account years ago. anyway, these algs have been found many times by many people. I'm sticking to the standard algs. There are also some other/better nonstandard algs out there, I've just forgotten them.
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    [WR] 3x3 OH average 16.19 Yumu Tabuchi

    I'm not motivated lol, more disheartened. But big congrats to Yumu for doing it again!