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    Does the mgc 4x4 feel like the 5x5 or the 6x6

    So I really like the MGC 5x5 and 6x6 so I am hoping that the 4x4 will feel like one of those
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    Kilominx timer?

    rather have a dedicated kilominx scrambler/timer
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    Kilominx timer?

    what does flip mean? but thanks for the reply
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    Kilominx timer?

    yeah, how else you gonna scramble?
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    [Member Intro] Yoooo

    Don't do 4x4 yet
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    Kilominx timer?

    I want to find a kilominx timer or just a scramble generator, anybody know any?
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    [Member Intro] Yoooo

    Lets talk: I’m new and i will like to introduce my self, I am LockedCubing and my mains are: 3x3: RS3M 2020 2x2: QiYi MS 5x5: Yuxin Cloud Pyraminx: Little Magic Skewb: Little Magic Megaminx: QiYi QiHeng I like Kilominx too Here are my method too: 3x3: CFOP 2x2: Ortega (i’m learning cll) 5x5...
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    [Member Intro] Heyoo

    Yo, welcome to the club!
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    5x5 is the best wca event

    Try to change my mind