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    How to convince parents to let you buy cubes?

    "if u can get several good grades at school, i'll buy u" thats usually a lot of chinese parents say. if ur parents care about ur study u can try this. "i will get good grades. can u buy me cubes???"
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    2x2 single WR at Trentin Open 2011

    wow... its so crazy.....wondering if anyone else can break it....
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    thx everyone. i learned how to solve 4x4 1 and half years ago:P
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    HI! im a cuber from China. i was born in Dec,1996. For now, I'm living in Belmont,MA ,which is very close to Boston. i learned how to solve the 3x3 cube 2 years ago, and i have been working on speed solving for 1 and a half years. my 3x3 is avg 15~16, 4x4 is avg 1:30. i hope i can...