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    Looking for Cubesmith Tiles

    I have a set of half brights: Pay for shipping.
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    Lots of cubes FS: Buy me a few cups of coffee and pay for shipping.

    All, I'm clearing my closet out. Anything in this picture that fits in a large flat rate box ($18.85 in US) is yours if you throw me a couple cups of coffee. Say $30 for the box: There are a bunch of stickers and cores/springs/hardware. Mostly from the time period of the Dayan...
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    [LOOKING TO BUY] 4x4 - 6x6 (MoYu/SS)

    I've sold a lot of items (cars, car part, wheels, cubes, computer parts, electronics) over the years and you never ship until you have the paypal funds transfer confirmation. The buyer has all the power in the paypal transaction in the event the seller doesn't send the item or the item is...
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    Numerous Puzzles for Sale

    Cross cube and skewb megaminx sold.
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    Numerous Puzzles for Sale

    Sorry, I'm dealing with multiple people who want the cross cube in order of contact.
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    Numerous Puzzles for Sale

    Your passive aggressiveness is strong sir. I have no need to sell it. If it doesn't sell, I'll keep it as a collectible, I just don't need 3 of them. Honestly if most of this stuff doesn't sell to reasonable and easy-to-work with people on this forum, they'll just go to Goodwill to be donated...
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    Numerous Puzzles for Sale

    I appreciate the suggestion. But given the rarity and desirability of the SS V3 and the fact that I'm aware of multiple $30-40 transactions on V3s, I feel no need to sell for much less. I have another V3 that is fully (florian and konsta) modified and I like it a lot better than my AoSu and...
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    Numerous Puzzles for Sale

    All puzzles are black unless noted below. Also all are lubed with Lubix and non OE stickers are from the cubicle. For sale I have: Maru CX3 3x3 - Yellow - $6 Moyu DianMa 3x3 - $8 ShengShou 4x4 v5 - Full bright stickers - $6 ShengShou Wind 3x3 - $4 WitEden WitFour 4x4 - $15 FangShi ShuangRen...
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    Where can I find split edges for the MF8 2x3x4?

    Email [email protected] I know when I got my 2x3x4, they said that if I wait a week or two they'll have the extra split edges so they might stock them separately from the puzzle.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I had a Calvins and I much prefer the Cubetwist or MF8.
  11. littlewing1208 - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    Quoting an old post...but I recently got a kilominx and the application tape that came from MF8 is literally the best I've used. It's very tacky but will release the stickers no problem. I've frequently had problems with all sorts of application tape: the stuff from, dayan...
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    ShengShou 8x8 and 9x9 to sell

    Price for just the 8x8 to the east coast of the US? (27713)
  13. littlewing1208 - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    Cubicle, I hate to say it, but I generally check this thread and your website pretty regularly, but if this thread turns into a 'sign me up for testing, here are my stats', I think a lot of people might stop subscribing. FWIW...
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    Mod to fix SS 7x7 lock ups?

    If you read that thread, you will see the answer.