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    [Unofficial] A girl solving a cube!

    Not sick, just oversexed horny males. Or...sick but can't do anything about it.
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    2010 Forum Awards

    Erm, update?
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    Brown Cubing Day 2011 (Providence, RI)

    Anyone going through New York City or close to it?
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    Weekly competition 2010-52

    2x2: (10.58), 8.71, 9.31, 7.86, (7.56) = 8.63 3x3: 20.77, (25.46), (19.56), 23.88, 21.72 = 22.12 4x4: 2:17.40, 2:13.59, (2:28.19+), 1:49.53, (1:34.77) = 2:06.84 [σ = 12.34] 3x3OH: (53.28), 49.22, 52.47, 49.53, (40.13) = 50.41 ughhhh... 234 Relay: 2:47.03 Splits: 2:06-24-15.
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    New Jersey Competition

    Ah, this is perfect, I can just stop by. Uptown Manhattan to this location is nice, so very nice...
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    The Most Popular Speedcuber Name (In The WCA Database)

    12 Kenneth+Kenny. Nice. I'll hopefully be one of the next soon. And is this Kevin Wu/Kevjumba? (I know it's not, but I need some clarification)
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    Happy birthday to Monkeydude1313 and Thrawst

    Again, we must stress that on the West Coast of the United States and Canada and some parts of Mexico, and this FORUM are still on September 1st. Until 33 minutes from this post. (And Chris and Weston are both Californian)
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    Weekly competition 2010-35

    4x4: 1:36.33[P], 1:38.33, (1:55.06[DP]), (1:33.84[P]), 1:50.58[OP] = 1:41.75 Comment: Where did that come from? Sq-1: 1:15.38, (1:48.65), 1:22.11, 1:18.84, (1:10.94) = 1:18.78 Comment: Just starting, I'll get a lot faster.
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    Rubik's cube art and Google

    Well, Google scale would actually be 10^100, wouldn't it? Dope though, I always love how Google runs their corporation, their workers flake off most of the time and make big bucks.
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    Wich cube should I get if...

    Or fix your overshooting. That way with any cube you're an accurate turner.
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    [Unofficial] Tomasz Zolnowski 8.16

    Oooh, I found a PLL skip with that scramble. Same as Rowe's until the third pair: z' y U R U R' U' R U R' fourth (lots of moves): y' R U R' U' R U R' U' R U R' U2 F' U F OLL: y R U R' U' x D' R' U R E' z' PLL: U2 I know, I need to find an algorithm for that nasty case there.
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    [Unofficial] Average of 5- Tell Me What You Think's not that hard. Quote my post to see how I did this.
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    Portland Oregon Competition?

    I'm leaving, but I always thought about OMSI. And I'm pretty sure the first thing that would have to happen is some sort of unofficial competition to spruce up interest in the area, I don't think there are too many cubers, because I seem to be one of the chosen few if and when I bring my cube on...
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    How fast were you when you switched to a DIY?

    I went from storebought to Type A-I back to storebought to F-II to storebought again. The same storebought never gets lost. I was at ~29-31 seconds when I got my first DIY, but I had a friend sand down the pieces on my storebought the spring before then, went through the summer, and got a DIY then.
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    What would the shape be?

    A dodecahedron.