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    KRZ Format or Speffz?

    I picked up a nonstandard letter system from stevenarducci from his 2010 video _Howto Memorize for Blind Solving_. It splits the puzzle exactly like Speffz, except the ordering of faces is UFRBLD (Speffz is ULFRBD) and the elements of each face are assigned consecutive letters, like...
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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    Last night I was playing with the latest version of Tnoodle, and was able to match the colors after scrambling for every type of cube I have with the exception of the square-1. I systematically solved it and reapplied the same scramble last evening to get the same results: The shape matches...
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    Beginner's critique on path for 3BLD practice.

    Concurrent to my developing program is a BLD method, or system of theory, practice and exercises. I never bought the idea of having to learn a T-perm or other corner-edge exchange method like classic Pochmann. Instead I use an A-perm/U-perm and 19 other similar 3-cycles, similar to TuRBo. I...
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    Thoughts about the BH method

    My program is finally built to the point where I can easily verify any list or spreadsheet of BH corners or edges. For example, from the wiki I reformatted and rearranged the list into a spreadsheet employing the common Speffz letter system and...
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    Creeping Featurism in my program

    Thanks for your interest. This has been an ongoing project for a number of years as I worked up my BLD solving method -- which is a variation of TuRBo. I programmed it in Visual Studio for Windows, C# ver. 2.0 (1995). You are invited to inspect the source code, it is posted at...
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    Creeping Featurism in my program

    My objective is to provide a tool to assist and support the BLD solve, method neutral, letter-system neutral. buffer selection neutral, any solving orientation supported. For the sake of discussion, in these examples I'll employ Speffz lettering. Here are some of the features I couldn't...
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    Magnet cube should not be legal for BLD events

    I magnetized my main BLD solving cube after removing the logo sticker. I appreciate the feel and took careful steps to be sure all the positions feel the same. I would think that the scrambler would be able to easily feel if a magnet is missing or misoriented. I hope that I may keep the...
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    The Ayam Method and what intermediate corner BLD method to learn

    I found that the subset of BH corner algorithms that target one of the three facelets on the solid-diagonally opposite cubie from the buffer give the ability to reach all the corner cases with setup moves. Allowing one intermediate position and a few setup principles then requires only 21 core...
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    What Orientation do you use for Blindsolving?

    Sorry I was vague about the notation. @UF=XY means that the cube is reoriented so that the UF location gets to refer to the cube sticker originally at XY. Similarly, @XY=UF is read so that the XY location gets the cube sticker formerly located at UF before the reorientation. This is...
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    What Orientation do you use for Blindsolving?

    The @ in the notation refers to the niche or address that the following indicated edge cube sticker or section moves to -- by means of x, y or z moves (or [r], \[\u] or [f] to apply a little-used WCA notation for FMC. Applying that the destination address appears first will avoid misreading...
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    What Orientation do you use for Blindsolving?

    I like your proposal: it seems move active. I am in the process of updating my program, so I will support both formats. The old format @UF=RD specifies the result of moving into the BLD reading orientation of red up yellow front (for Western colored cubes). The alternative active motion...
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    What Orientation do you use for Blindsolving?

    That would be noted "@UL=UL", which is a no-op, signifying no change from the WCA scrambling position.
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    What Orientation do you use for Blindsolving?

    Actually not, in order to support alternative cube coloring systems. Thus the Singmaster relative _positions_ are instead employed. Similar for the move notation to specify U L F R B D instead of W O G R B Y or the resister color codes 9 4 5 2 6 4 or some other color-system dependent notation.
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    What Orientation do you use for Blindsolving?

    In my software, I wanted to support _any_ chosen orientation. The challenge comes to clearly specifying this. The notation I came up with specifies the UF edge cube for the scrambling orientation, and the Singmaster form destination of the UF edge cube as the whole puzzle is rotated to the...
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    Daniel's comms

    I independently arrived at this buffer pair also. It does have one big handicaps with standard lettering systems: They translate to the A_ edge and _A corner so this letter won't come up in a standard BLD reading, which is an awful waste of a good vowel. Technically, I've been working up a...