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    Using all in one glue for magnetization

    Hey there. So I'm about to magnetize one of my cubes and there are no super glues here...except for an all-in-one glue. It's as sticky and same viscosity as super glue but it's white. Is it gonna be able to glue plastic-metal properly like super glue does?
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    [Review] GAN 356 X

    I have been using the Gan 356 X for 2 months now and I can say that it's a fantastic cube! Definitely worth the price. Also, I think this is just me, but upon using it, it is much difficult to turn with the strong magnets than my GTS3M, but that was all fixed when I siwitched to medium magnets...
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    Slow Turning/Look Ahead vs Speedy Turning/Pauses

    I agree with you, this also has became a habit of mine, and is really bad. I'm currently sub 18.