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    (Edit: SOLD) Selling speedcubeshop $15 giftcard

    EDIT: SOLD! Hi everyone! Im selling my $15 speedcubeshop giftcard as i wont be using it since the shipping costs to europe are to high. Preferred payment method is paypal, i accept $10. Dont hesitate to send me an email, i hope to make you happy! My email is: (SOLD) Thanks! :) (Ill send you...
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    Dayan Tengyun V2M GIVEAWAY! Insta & YT: AlohaCubed AlohaCubed

    Our mailboxes are in our front doors lol. Regular envelopes etc just land right in the hallway. The packages get delivered and you have to be home to take it, otherwise it gets delivered to your neighbors or it gets delivered another day. That's how it goes in the Netherlands, no stolen packages...