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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    i just wanted to know how fast can u get with intuitive f2l
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    Racing to sub 30 on 3x3

    idk cause im not close to sub 20 anytime soon im way better at home than at comps
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    Racing to sub 30 on 3x3

    Times 1. 26.26 2. 28.24 3. 41.01 4. 27.89 5. 26.18 6. 28.64 7. 33.85 +2 35.85 8. 24.95 9. 19.31 10. 26.09 11. 35.05 12. 31.90 average 29.19
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    Racing to sub 30 on 3x3

    so every week i will post 12 scrambles and u would do the 12 scrambles and post the times below in a reply so that ik what ur times were. Every Thursday i will post under this the top 5 people on the average of 12 Good Luck to all! Scrambles 1.D2 F2 L B2 L2 F2 L' U2 L2 B2 F2 U' L D U' L2 R' D'...
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    Why X sucks

    u should do petrus
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    im looking for anyone who is sub 40 on 3x3 to sub 30.

    im looking for anyone who is sub 40 on 3x3 to sub 30.
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    im fairly new to cubing around 2 months and I need some help trying to learn squan and 5x5 if u could give me a link to a vid or website pls do.
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    anyone looking for to have cubing friends

    perferred to be sub 1 min on 3x3
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    anyone looking to help me get solve squan or 5x5

    if u dont pls link some good tutorials im looking to solve my whole collection by christmas
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    [Help Thread] Am I competition ready?

    yeah i just went to KCubing Fall 2017 and i mean i was kinda in the mid.