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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Going to start practicing BLD again, and I'm off to a good start. 10:16.53 [7:42.31] 4BLD single which also gave me a 10:55.00 PB Mo3! Generated By csTimer on 2017-10-23 mean of 3: 10:55.00 Time List: 1. 10:52.48 U' D2 L R Rw' Uw D' R2 U' Uw2 F2 B' Fw L Uw' D L' R F2 Rw2 Uw U2 Fw' L2 Fw2 Rw2...
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    484 solves, 15 DNFs, a stupid amount of +2s. I think I have 3 3x3 finals with 2 +2s.
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    Rubik's Brand lawsuit against The Cubicle

    It's not just the tiles. The cube isn't bad, I've tried it, but it isn't close to the SM or Valk or GTS2. It's just decent.
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    2017 New Year's Resolutions / Goals

    Okay let's see how many I got so far All in all I'm pretty happy with this, the goals were a bit easy though, will make harder for next year.
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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    7/10 49:09.31+ [38:32.71] Not bad for my second attempt at something more than 2 cubes. Bottom left is just a +2, next to that is 3 edges off, then 3 corners, and the last is 5 edges off. I see that fitting in 2 more cubes will be easy, and with some practice I should be trying 15 cube attempts...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Haha, I think I'll wait a good while before I try 7BLD, just 6BLD was quite exhausting. Will definitely try it at some point though. What I was referring to was my comp that I have in 2 weeks, I've been practicing for it all summmer, and now the final 2 weeks before it I'm only going to focus on...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    First 6BLD attempt: DNF (1:07:02.55) [47:13.87] It looked like someone made an attempt of solving it at least? Now I at least know why people hate obliques, they are actually the worst. Not sure how much I want to do this in the future, getting on the list of people who have done 6BLD sounds...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    22:48.90 [15:07.92] 5BLD DNF Sort of an accomplishment since I literally have not done a 5BLD attempt since March, and I averaged low 20 back then as well. DNF was by quite a bit, but that was because I messed up an M-slice alg during midges. Forgot to do parity so it would have been DNF...
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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    Did my first proper MBLD attempt: 4/5 24:59.10 [20:24.57] Went pretty slow with the memo, since it's my first time using so many rooms. Discovered throughout the memo that there was a lot that could be optimized about the rooms. Will try for a significantly bigger number next time, considering...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    2:02.71 3BLD PB Mo3: 1. 2:18.58 [1:15.07] F2 R D2 B2 L' U2 F2 R' F L2 U B2 D' L2 D F2 D' B2 D2 R2 2. 1:46.51 [1:06.89] R' L2 B L2 B2 D2 B' L2 R2 D2 U' B2 D' F L R' D R2 F' 3. 2:03.03 1:08.54] R2 B R2 B L2 B2 U2 F' R2 F L2 D' R2 U' F' R B' U L D' R So close to sub-2, and the solve after I...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Got some 3BLD PBs, getting back into BLD after basically not doing it since March. Got 7 successes in a row, don't think I've ever gotten more than 4 before now. 2:05.27 Mo3 2:11.56 Ao5
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Learned all 493 ZBLLs!
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    GAN 356 Air SM

    Just to be clear, we have no info on what the price will be, right? Edit: Also how do we have 5 pages of discussion on a cube, half of which was used on trying to figure out the meaning of a letter that means nothing lol
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    Is ZZ an objectively worse method than Roux and CFOP?

    VLS, HLS, OLS, 1LLL, ZBLL, VHLS/ZBLS, COLL. You rarely dedicate yourself to just one of these, but fast people using CFOP often use a little of every one of these, in addition to tons of F2L tricks/algs.
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    Who will win worlds?

    Feliks had a cube drop and would otherwise have won the round though.