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    What is the worst/most annoying thing in speed cubing?

    Trying to do algorithms straight from memory/over thinking algorithms. I can never do them because it's all muscle memory now.
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    Survey: What kind of lube do you use?

    30K Diff Oil.
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    The Zhanchi Elite

    Haha, amazing first reply. My guess is that it's good, but not worth anywhere near $100.
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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    I learned it by watching a video which pretty much broke it down to 4 cases and teaching you what to do in each case. It's not that hard. You can learn it in a day or two. It's one of the F2L videos on youtube.
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    Shock Oil vs Diff Oil

    I do have both but I have not mixed them. By mix do you mean you put in diff oil, then spray in crc? Or literally mix them before putting it in the cube.
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    What did you do to your GuHong?

    48 point edge mod. Lubed with CRC silicone for 3 months to break it in. Cleaned out the CRC and lubed with Traxxas 30K like a Lubix Ultimate GuHong. Changed to half-bright plus bright blue Cubesmith stickers. It's really smooth and silky now.
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    Guhong different models?

    If I don't have another cube to compare my GuHong V1 with, how can I tell if it is ABS or POM?
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    You need to lube it before you can make any assumptions about it's corner cutting, also try tensioning it. If it's popping, tighten it. Try find some CRC or Jigaloo. Get lubix or traxxas if you can wait a couple of days/weeks for shipping.
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    Rate your cubes! (survey)

    GuHong V1 lubed with CRC, I may change the scores once I lube it with Diff Oil Smoothness/Speed:8 (sorta smooth, but not very fast) Lockup Resistance: 8 (No big lock ups, just catching) Cutting Corners: 9 (most sides do 45+) Pop Resistance: 8 (pops occasionally) Quietness: 7 (fairly clicky...
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    Where is the cubing community at? (Version 2)

    22.69 so I'm still in the slower half :( I started 2 months ago.
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    How long have you been cubing for? *New*

    2 months of speedcubing, 3 months since I solved a cube.
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    Shock Oil vs Diff Oil

    If I purchased 30K diff oil (only one available on Ebay Australia) would putting a bit more in achieve similar effects to 50K?
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Ah thankyou, if there anything wrong with the brand I bought though? It seems like everyone only uses Traxxas and no other company that makes diff oil. rcgarage doesn't sell Traxxas diff oil either.
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Should this brand be any less effective? Since they are all 100% silicone and are 30K. It's also made for RC cars.
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I mean sellers from Australia, they are all US.

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