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    I just lost the game.

    I just looked up the definition of game and it is as follows: a contest with rules to determine a winner; "you need four people to play this game" So your "game", isn't actually a "game". I win.
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    Video of 3 solves: advice wanted

    Cross could be a bit faster, I do solves around a minute and my cross is ~ 4sec everytime.. F2L should be around 12-15 seconds for you.. then I would say work on PLL after you get F2L to ~15 everytime. But you are decently fast. :D
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    Sub20 Solvers using 3LLL?

    I can sub-3 with 2L OLL.. Unless I get a dot and then Chamelon.. other than that, I can always sub-3.
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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    I swapped to Fridrich not long ago and at the moment, I average about 8-10 seconds for the cross, 30ish seconds for the F2L and the I use 3LLL because I think it's a bad idea to just jump into the 57 OLL cases, and it doesn't make it as much fun because after you have learned F2L and 3LLL you...
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    Come here if you speak another language other than English

    Servüs, im Moment, wohne ich in Regensburg, aber nur für ein Schule Austausch. Ich habe Deutsch für sechs Jahre gelernt, so es nicht so gut ist.. aber ich finde es echt cool dass, das so viele leute auf diese Forum Deutsch spracht! Ich kann die Österreichisch verstehen, aber ich habe keine...
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    Tension Preferences

    Hey there, Just bought the new competition cube from PUZL and it feels really odd and I can't seem to get used too it. I was wondering what tension you used and why? Discuss? Mine is currently really loose but still locks up a bit. Any ideas?
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    Optimal PLL - 288 cases

    He explained how many would end or begin with a U-move..? Well as I read it he said that there is 288 cases of which 75% of them require a AUF, meaning that 216 of the cases would start or end with a U, and presumably more because some of the 21 PLLs at the moment begin with U-moves. You will...
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    Good guide to F2L?

    Agreed. Don't try to learn the algorithms for the F2L cases, learn the intuitive. Badmephisto's is probabaly best, he has 2 new youtube videos.
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    Super Lucky Scramble

    Ha, me neither. :D Practise, practise and practise.
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    I realise their have been many threads about these particular cubes, but I finally received my 3 the other day: Competition Standard Cube, 3x3x3 Eastsheen 4x4x4 and, Eastsheen 5x5x5 I will be posting a review video soon, because camera wont work with my laptop at the moment, but what I...
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    Super Lucky Scramble

    I LOL'd. :D I think claiming to use Roux doesn't really compare with shaving off 45 seconds of your time in a week. This took me 00:43:47. But then again, I am rather slow. :D
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    [Official] Lucas Garron's 10.00

    Haha. That's awesome, Also kind of mean that they announce that you didn't get the record to the guy who posted first. :O
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    Lubricant Help

    Hey everyone, thanks for helping: I recently bought Universal Silicon-Oil W5 (Carcare) and used it on my old 3x3x3 and it worked great, but the cube was already really munted to start with so I wasn't sure how much damamge it actually did. Today I got my new cubes (3x3x3 CSC, ES 4x4x4 and...
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    [Unofficial] Alex Yu 3x3 BLD 33.22 seconds

    That's insane. How is that even possible? Faster than me too. :(
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    my first DIY, a few questions

    Spring, creaking sound? Doesn't sound too good, could possibly mean that it is too tight (tension is too tight so it is rubbing together) and to fix that you could pop the centre caps off and untighten it. Possibly. Define begginner? Loose term, but if you mean not sub-1, then could possibly be...