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    [Unofficial] Rama, 8.15 :) after 2 weeks addicted to my cube :D

    He is back! Half men Half amazing!! Please Practise One-Handed!
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    Bass Guitar

    Steve Harris - Iron Maiden nuff said Look out for Squir Bass Guitars. Very good for the beginning.
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    [Unofficial] Ron van bruchem 9.88 single - Iran open 2011

    Not sure but i think a Rubiks DIY!
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    Classic rock/metal songs to learn on Electric guitar? its classic metal!
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    ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 - Which team are you supporting?

    Cricket, its like this American famous thing called Baseball right?? :D ;)
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    [Unofficial] 3x3 BLD in 44.19

    Du Tier!!!!!!! For the international Cubers who dont speak German: That is his Nickname. It means "Animal" from the Muppet Show.
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 6.65 3x3 single

    My Solution: D B2 D' R2 U' B2 U' F2 D' U2 R' U' R2 B R2 D' U2 R' F2 D F z2 y' R U' D' R' U' R L U' L' L' U L y' L U L' U R U R' F R' F' R yU R U' R' U y' R' U' R U2 M U R U R' U' M' R' F R F' PLL SKIP
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    Happy Birthday faz!

    happy birthday, perfect age to start dating with girls and retire from cubing... ;)
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    [Unofficial] World Domination, Day 1

    Next Step: Multi with Kai... Would be awesome...
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    [Unofficial] 7.86 avg12 Faz

    Oh my God Arnauld meets Faz. I wish I could be there too.. Teach him the Sexy Move!;)
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    3x3x3 Blind, changing to 3/5?

    That are your thoughts while traveling through Asia????? ;):confused:
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    [ER] Cornelius Dieckmann 2x2 cube 2.76 average

    Was that the LAN LAN you bought from me???
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    Dutch Open 2010

    1. Dutch Cube Day, organized by a Dutch Cube Club. They selling Puzzels... 2. more puzzels not only cubes... 3.iam there too... you will not be alone.. 4.iam not 14 or 15. iam 32 and punk as ****. both arms inked... to solve a cube. ;) 6.......
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    Kai in Japan

    Dude you will miss the First DDR Open!!! Shame on you..... ;)
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    German bands

    Maybe this Band: Erster Eindruck: