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    The reconstruction thread

    it's not fake. it's my real solve ) the reason why it is not on the uwr page - nobody added it there
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    The reconstruction thread

    it's two hands
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    How Patrick Ponce Failed 3x3 World Record

    Okay, it's little experiment. On my channel there is ~popular video series where I'm pulling out of one's ass WR-fails and laugh at this. Sometimes it's very funny (and sometimes very helpful, I think (for ex. - 12move Pi-ZBLL on old 5x5 WR of Feliks instead of doing R R' and 30+ moves on LL))...
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    10.37 3x3OH average of 5

    Well, not bad.
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    3x3 2h 4.05 single

    I just did RLS and saw that it would be PLL skip. And not, sub-3 is too hard for this scramble )
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    3x3 2h 4.05 single

    Hm, I think, it's not bad single for 3x3. But so close to sub-4. :(( 4.056 L2 B' U2 B2 D2 B R2 D2 U2 F L' R2 U R U2 B2 F2 D' R' U Reconstruction: z2 D' R' F L U' L' D2 R' U2 R U R' U' R L' U2 L U' L' U L R U' R' F R' F' R 28 moves, 6.9 tps
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    Friday DNFs - Episode #2

    And this is new episode of my new web-series. Yeah, I have nothing to do.
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    Friday DNFs - Episode #1

    what? really? thank you!
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    Friday DNFs - Episode #1

    K, it's my new web-series, where I'll teach you how to solve cube.. worse. chktout, like, subscribe, mother...
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    YuXin 7x7 Review (+2:48 solve)

    who is this?
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    YuXin 7x7 Review (+2:48 solve)

    yea, I think the similar
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    YuXin 7x7 Review (+2:48 solve)

    Hi everyone. I finally did it! This is review on the new YuXin 7x7. This cube still not released into mass market, but it will be soon. Check it out. I tried. :D PS: I give this cube to Alexey Zharikov (it's coolest big-cuber in Russia), and he says "yea, it's better than MoYu.".
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    24-HOUR TRANSLATION of solving Rubik's cube One-Handed

    HEY WHATSUP see my super mega epic marathon of solving rubik's cube ONE-HANDED! here's link: we start tomorrow (or today, dunno when you see it) at ~11am (MSK time), so check it sometimes love you <3
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    92.989+ 3x3x3 one finger (UWR)

    Well, it's much faster then my old UWR's )) I think, still beatable.