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    Puzzles For Sale! Cheap!

    How much is shipping to nevada usa
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    Load of cubes for sale/trade

    How much is shipping to 89521
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    Load of cubes for sale/trade

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    Load of cubes for sale/trade

    What are you looking for trading wise, or are you looking for random non wca puzzles
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    Wanted: Rubik's Clock

    If you get a lingao clock and do a wire mod, or make magnetic washers, it is good, or you could wait for moyu and qiyi's clock
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    Can somone tell me where I can get clock inserts

    Can somone tell me where I can get clock inserts, or templates with the dots ready and an indicator at 12 o clock, I can't scan with my printer so thanks in advancds
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    Selling @ SacCubing & Berkeley Winter Open (Exceptions Included)

    I may go to saccubing, I will update if I do, If I do Im probably going to get the moyu also and weipo and maybe magnets
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    [Help Thread] Clock Discussion Thread

    I am going to start making a faster method for clock and this is how I think it may go 1 alg cross 1 alg corners Then same for other side I am just thinking what I could do, like maybe a layer by layer where 1 alg to solve bottom both sides on clock 1 alg to solve 2nd layer and same alg set for...
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    Full LMCF 3x3 method now available

    I'm going to learn this, and try to learn all algs, but ima just start using this for fmc
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    What Color Cross Do You Solve and Why?

    Red, idk why I watched alot of tutorials when I started, redkb maybe??but I didn't use his last layer method...
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    Free cube depot discount code

    I redeemed this a year ago and didn't want it so its 5 dollars I think Here it is. cubedepot-5445d567 Please reply if you redeemed it so I can close thread
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    Puzzle Collection for sale!

    How would we pay
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    [Help Thread] "What cube is this?" The cube / puzzle identification thread

    so i got a calvins square 1 at barnes and nobles and i decided to disasembled it and on the back of one of the caps it says mf8 is help??(awnser fast because i might return it) here are some pics
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    WTT (your) puzzles for (my) 146.89 visa gift card

    so i need some puzzles and i wanted them broke in already so i didnt want to by new ones i also have 1 50$ visa cards so here are the puzzles im looking for (or sets) for the 146.89 $ visa i want (i want all for full gift card) any puzzle (around 30$) , any NON wca puzzle ( around 30$)...