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    [WR] Bingliang Li Square-1 average 10.21, single 6.96

    Is he retired? Hasn't competed in a competition in 2017 and only 1 in 2016...
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    [Review] Qiyi Square-1

    I was averaging 20 seconds back in 2013. I bought like 10 cubetwist square-1 and square-2 since they were IMO the best out there (compared to th MF8 V1 and V2 and the really crappy Calvin's SQ1) and I wouldn't know if they would keep produce them. Now, late 2015, I'm tempting to go back to SQ1...
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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    Hi guys, I've been cubing during 2012-2013, square-1, 2v2 and 3v3 mainly. Since then, what has changed in the regulations? I'd like to come back to speedsolving! Is it true that stickerless puzzles are now allowed? All stickerless puzzles? Thanks!
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    New V-Cube 6

    Ok thank you! Too bad you didn't review it ;).
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    New V-Cube 6

    I was looking on youtube for any video showing the new V-cube 6 flat (without the clicking mecanism), but still nothing... And it's been out for a few months already!
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    ShengShou 8x8 and 9x9 to sell

    Hello, I have a ShengShou 8x8 and a ShengShou 9x9 (both black) to sell. They're lubed and tensionned. The 8x8 has CS stickers and the 9x9 has Izo stickers replacement. They turn great and were barely used (1 year old). I sell both for 90€ shipping included to Europe.
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    MF8 Square-1 - Help neeed

    I agree, the CubeTwist is much better. I have all the square-1, and IMO Calvin's is the worst. MF8v1 is more stable, sturdier too. And I average 20 seconds with the CubeTwist, and didn't get any pop for weeks. So...
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    3x3 ShengShou Aurora?

    Available on FastTech !
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    No, not at all. Once you get used to the cube, it won't pop. I average 20 seconds at square-1, and after having tried all the different brands (GuoJia, MF8 v1 & v2, Calvin's), the CubeTwist is the best IMO. The Calvin's is the worst (overshoot, and is basically a MF8 v1). You can't go wrong...
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    Website access error

    So... Two days without being able to access to the website, that was weird. I thought I was the only one but it seems I'm not ! :D
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    [Unofficial] Blindfold avg5: 26.06

    You're insane Marcin... Great job !
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    Mini ShengShou 7x7!

    Yeah, V-Cube has hit again... FastTech removed the LingLong 7x7 two days ago. Now the best price you can get is =~ 40$ unfortunately (versus 26 on FastTech). You should have bought it sooner :P
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    Wittwo v1 vs. Dayan 2x2

    I prefer the WitTwo, by far. More stable, nicer sensation.
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    I think I got a part from the 54.6mm ShuangRen

    Send an e-mail to FastTech, they'll refund you. I also got my SR from them, but it was assembled, so... I've had enough problem with missing parts of DIY in the past^^
  15. kalyk

    Mini ShengShou 7x7!

    I don't get why everybody wants to change the springs. I have a LingLong 7x7 and I love it the way it is... It's faster than the regular sized 7x7 and not stiff at all. It's just amazing.

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