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    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    Best way to solve a 3x3 BLD? So I want to start learning to solve a rubiks 3x3 BLD.What is the fastest method (for you) and can you give me tips?Thanks!
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    [Help Thread] How do I improve my case recognition?

    Practicing helps a lot actually but I need something a tip that will let my recognition improve faster.Any othe tips??
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    Beginner, don't know what to practice next

    Try becoming a color neutral or solving the first layer without cube rotations.For the beginners method my fastest time yet is sub 29 and CFOP is sub 25 ave.You can do it and I'm only speedcubing for 2 months and was able to accomplish this.The key to improving for me is to enjoy cubing.When you...
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    [Help Thread] How do I improve my case recognition?

    Recognition Skill Discussion So I have a lot of problem regarding on my recognition and execution.I've been speedcubing for 2 months now and I was able to reach sub 25 with a pb of sub 15.The only problem is my recognition.I've been practicing a lot but I just get confused because there are...
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    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    I get that but I'm really struggling with f2l.Thanks to you I have a new PB of 19.xx sec. cause of my f2l around 8 sec but that was just a coincidence.So I want to know how can I improve in f2l...THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    Hey Guys.I have a question.Right now I'm currently sub 30 on ave and some people said that you can be sub 20 without full oll.So what should I learn next?I'm pretty good at f2l and is COLL recommended for 2 hands?I also know VHLS so I don't really need to do full oll.
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    So this is the one question thread?What is the best method to solve a rubiks oh?And on how to turn as well?Thanks in advance!
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    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    Thanks Guys.I'll do something on your suggestions.✌️☺️
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    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    How can I prevent pops and clickings?Is there any way to do that?And also how can I make my storebought cube cornercut and reverse corner cut better?Thanks in advance!
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    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    What to do after f2l? So this actually my question for now and I've finished learning full pll and currently on 2-look oll.And now I'm trying to learn advanced f2l and currently searching for extended cross.So my point is what will I do after I've learned those two?Should I learn full oll...
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    How to be sub 20

    Thanks to you I'm close to sub 20.I'm sub 30 now