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    Appreciating Contributors to Cubing

    No, cuz you're a legend.
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    Appreciating Contributors to Cubing

    Ah yes, I do not remember all the different forums on here :o
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    Appreciating Contributors to Cubing

    Cubing has come a long way, wouldn't you say? And I don't mean specifically speedcubing, but all aspects of the craft. I wanted to make this thread for the community to acknowledge all the fascinating contributions made by individuals throughout cubing since its beginnings. My personal...
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    The Leighzer Cuber!

    Man, I first read the title as "The Leighzer CUBE". I was like, "A NEW CUBE?!?!" :O Welcome to Speedsolving forum! Have fun!
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    World Series

    Lionel Messi is in La Liga BBVA :) I consider the EPL the most competitive and "best" since there are so many good teams, but man, Barcelona made Man Utd. look like nothing last Champions League. La Liga is funnest to watch, only cuz of RM and Barca. And no, I've never even seen the World...
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    I really hate Rubiks brand 4x4 and 5x5

    Who doesn't? It took me like 20 mins to solve my friend's 4x4 (My first time ever solving one), but man it sucked. You had to put in so much force to turn any layer, it was disgusting.
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    [WR] 4x4 Average 35.52 Giovanni Contardi

    I've always thought Giovanni was one of the best cubers out there. I love his cubing style for 3x3. He deserves this :P
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    Auto cube scrambler

    This would work better for competitions, not at home use, I think.
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    +1 Female Cuber

    Welcome to the forums! Yay girl cubers! Call Fridrich = CFOP please. And keep exploring other methods, too. Keep your options open.
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    Friday night..

    I think we all deserve some type of corporal punishment.
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    Unpopular Opinions: Cubing

    Yeah I agree with this You must have received a defective GuHong and I must have received the absolute best GuHong... because it is a good cube.
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    Friday night..

    Hit a woman? What on Earth? I have no excuse. That's why I go out on Friday Nights.
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    Are modded cubes allowed to use in competitions???

    cuz no one cares about 2x2 :P
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    Hello there, cubers!

    welcome to the forums!
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    melting the cube by turning

    Makes you sound like a newb since you have no proof (not that it matters). I also think it's not humanly possible to melt the cube with fast tps making any noticeable deformations to the plastic.

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