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    Selling some cubes I don't use, and willing to set them up for FREE!

    Thinking of the yj Mgc v2 magnetic... By 'Not Very Good' do you mean there's a mechanical defect of some sort, or it's just not your favorite? How would you compare it to your Tiled Kylin 3x3?
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    SELLING Bunch of New Cubes

    I bought too many cubes! Lol. I am selling off my stash 1) Pearl Shenshou, Black ... $6 2) Fangyuan Fluorescent stickers, Primary ... $6 3) Pandora cube , black ... $5 4) Shengshou Mirror Block .. $5 5) Qiyi Jelly Pyraminx QiMing ... $5 6) Valk Stickerless (SOLD) 7) Shengshou Gem Megaminx ...