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    Need tips on improving times

    work on f2l and learn all OLL and just keep practicing...the video above is a good way to practice on wat to look for during f2l
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    solving advice?

    your oll takes 7-8 seconds....learn full oll...practice that and f2l lookahead
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    Improve 3x3x3 simple time

    learn and practice 2 look pll and 2 look oll 2 look pll 2 look oll You should start to learn intuitive F2L (First 2 layers) F2L part 1 F2L part 2...
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    Metronome discussion thread

    60...if its too fast then pick a higher level, if its too slow then pick a lower level
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    How much RAM and HDD space do you have?

    2 GB of RAM 50.4 GB free out of 74.5 (80GB)
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    Progress update, where to go from here?

    its a program that gives u a pll and u press the spacebar and execute the pll that is shown. It records your times and averages of all ur plls.
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    What are YOUR pll Algorithms?

    Go to the wiki and test them out and see which ones you like. That website contains a lot of different algs for different kind of speedcubist styles
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    Maintenance Question: How to remove stickers and the goo residue?

    use the old fashion way...and free...soap and warm water, go through each piece and clean it off. It takes a while but it works. You can use alcohol...I tried nail polish remover and it worked ok even though it still took a while.
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    When to learn PLLs?

    Keep practicing...get intuitive f2l down pact that would make ur times decrease much faster.
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    [Help Thread] F2L Intuitive vs. Algorithm Solving

    stick with intuitive f2l...but learn the algs for any cases that you think are difficult. You can get much lower to sub 20 with 2 look oll, pll and intuitive f2l
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    [Unofficial] 3x3 Average of 5: 24.00 (Feedback please)

    Hey you are real good, I noticed though that you pause a lot during f2l, but I can't really say that since you are way faster than me on F2L. Although you should learn full PLL and it would get you close or to sub 20.
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    Monitoring your progress when learning 1-look-OLL

    Open the file, then click on the image of the alg that you want to change. Then the rotating imaging tools pop up, then just rotate to your liking.
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    My status and a few questions

    For 3x3...I suggest learning full PLL which would make you have a 3 Look Last Layer. Other than that just keep practicing and your times would continue to decrease. There are plenty of other topics about this already. Next time use the search function. Use this site to for additional guide...
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    I keep on pausing...Any tips?

    fridrich you will benefit more in the long run if you keep practicing fridrich.
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    OLLs and PLLs: Do you know them?

    I know full OLL and full PLL and I am averaging 30-35 seconds. Now all I have to worry about is executing my OLLs and Plls faster and more efficiently and working a lot on F2L.