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    [WR] Lucas Etter - 4.90 3x3 single!

    Here is the cubecomps.
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    [WR] Lucas Etter - 4.90 3x3 single!

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    [Unofficial] 20.73 Mirrorblocks single!

    What physics book is that?
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    [Official] Henri Gerber - 7.13 Rubik's Cube Single!

    Are you sure that is the scramble? His cube is scrambled differently in the video that he posted.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I finally got my first sub-25 average of 100! I started cubing four months ago, and I'm about ready to get into full OLL. My look-ahead has improved drastically, but always room to get better. One question: Should I learn my OLL algorithms from (alg.db)
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    [Member Intro] New to the website. Check me out!

    You have skewb spelled incorrectly in your "Cubes I Own" tab. Welcome to the website!
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    [Unofficial] 21.12 trying to get that sub 20

    Learn to solve with yellow cross, along with your white cross. I do white and yellow cross on bottom. It is a lot easier to get white/yellow neutral than full-color neutral, because you are used to seeing yellow and white mainly in your solves. I like it because if you have a bad white cross...
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    [Official] Feliks Zemdegs - World Finals 2015 Table Cam (7.56s average)

    "Did I win?" at 2:47. He was so nervous haha.
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    [Member Intro] 2.5 Months a Cuber

    Thanks! Yea, it's been holding up pretty well. Can't wait until the lubicle I ordered comes in, though.
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    [Member Intro] 2.5 Months a Cuber

    Hello, everyone! My name is Johnny Dorigo Jones, and here is everything. Current Personal Best Singles: 2x2x2: 3.43 3x3x3: 16.12 Current Averages: 2x2x2: ao100: 10.22 3x3x3: ao100: 32.14 (I have to do a new ao100) Current Cubes: 2x2x2: MoYu LingPo (Main) 3x3x3: Ganspuzzle III V2, Gans...