Current Personal Best Singles:

2x2x2: 2.35

3x3x3: 12.12
D L2 U' B2 L2 D' L2 D2 B2 R2 U' B' L' B' F D2 U F' L' B' D U2
moves: 35
T.P.S.: 2.89

z2 // inspection
R’ L2 B D’ // cross (4/35)
R U’ R’ U y’ R’ U R // 1st pair (7/35)
y’ R’ U’ R U y’ R U R’ // 2nd pair (7/35)
U’ y R U R’ // 3rd pair (4/35)
U’ y U’ R U R’ // 4th pair (5/35)
M2' U’ M2' U2’ M2' U’ M2' U’ // PLL (8/35)

4x4x4: 1:48.93

Current Averages:

2x2x2: ao100: 6.50
3x3x3: ao100: 19.11
4x4x4: ao30: 2:30.73

Current Best Averages (3/ 5/ 12/ 100):

2x2x2: 2.75/ 3.88/ 5.26/ 6.19
3x3x3: 15.09/ 15.99/ 17.16/ 19.11
4x4x4: 1:57.79/ 2:04.41/ 2:17.13/ N/A

Current Cubes:

2x2x2: MoYu LingPo (Main)
3x3x3: Ganspuzzle III V2, Gans 357 (Main)
4x4x4: Mini MoYu AoSu (Main)

Cubing History:

I started cubing April 2, 2015, which was the day I first memorized how to solve an entire 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube. The day after I first memorized how to solve the cube (Beginner's Method), I got a 49.97 solve. Two weeks after that I got a 39.09 solve. My first sub-20 solve, 16.12, came on June 6, 2015.

One and a half months after I started cubing, I was averaging 32.xx seconds for the 3x3x3.

I started solving the 4x4x4 on July 17, 2015. I got a 1:48 solve two days after I learned how to solve it.

First sub-15-second solve on 8/6/15, about four months after I started cubing. It was 14.88 seconds.

First sub-20 mean of 3 on 8/7/15, about four months after I started cubing. It was 19.34 seconds.

First sub-25 average of 100 on 8/9/15, about four months after I started cubing. It was 24.43 seconds.

First sub-20 average of 5 on 8/20/15, about four and a half months after I started cubing. It was 18.63 seconds.

First sub-20 average of 12 on 8/30/15, about five months after I started cubing. It was 19.36 seconds.


I currently solve the 2x2x2 using the Ortega method: color neutral first face on bottom, full OLL, PBL.

I currently solve the 3x3x3 using the CFOP method: white or yellow cross on bottom, F2L pairs, 2-Look OLL, and full PLL. I plan on learning full OLL and some algorithms for various F2L pairs.

I currently solve the 4x4x4 using the Centers Method. I plan on learning Yao Method.


Indiana 2015
My first competition. The day before this competition, my friend, user CubesOfTheWorld, taught me the basic method for a 2x2x2 cube. I got a 3.43 2x2x2 P.B. the day after this at the competition.

2x2x2: (13.33), (10.45), 12.50, 10.59, 11.22; Average: 11.44

3x3x3: 27.86, 28.39, (30.03), (27.43), 28.40; Average: 28.22

Michigan 2015
I came to this hoping to get better averages than my last competition in both events. My results in 2x2x2 for the First Round were amazing for me, but the Second Round results were a let down even though I knew that I would not get to the Final Round. My 3x3x3 average was a second better than my at-home average, so I was happy.

2x2x2: First Round: 4.97, (DNF), 4.94, (4.72), 7.62; Average: 5.84
Second Round: DNF, (6.29), 6.82, 9.49, DNF; Average: DNF

3x3x3: 28.55, (35.31), (23.31), 26.51, 25.24; Average: 26.77
Northville, Michigan



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