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    How do you solve this?

    I would use something like ZZ/petrus. Orient your block edges, make a block, then regular solving. You might need some different LL algs.
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    Move Count

    I accidentally put this in the wrong section. This should have been in puzzle theory, and is about a theoretical essay I am writing for comparing Fridrich and ZZ mathematically.
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    Move Count

    How could I go about calculating an average move count for the following steps? Fridrich F2L EOLine ZZ F2L
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    How do I go about the calculation of the number of PLLs? This is for a school essay. I've done this: 4!x4! to give the total number of possible permutations. 4!x4!/2 to get rid of the impossible ones. 4!x4!/2/4 to get rid of symmetry. That gives 72 PLLs but that's far too many.
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    Lookahead makes me slower.

    It will get very slow at the start becuase your lookahead is hardly better than before and your TPS is far slower. However after time you should increase your lookahead ability and then you can gradually increase your TPS.
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    Square -1 From Puzzl_Co

    Is that
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    [Unofficial] my patterns 2x2x2 to 20x20x20 cube

    Show the back of the 2x2 because it looks like it isn't actually possible! D:
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    How Fast Can Intuitive F2L Get?

    Intuitive F2L ends up the same thing as alg F2L. Intuitive F2L users need to develop the lightning-quick response and look ahead ability that alg F2L gives, and alg F2L users need to develop the flexibility that Intuitive F2L gives. I would personally use algorithms to work out concepts of the...
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    Help with Friedrich PLL

    Do the reverse of the alg and you will see what it does.
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    This is an AMAZING scramble! Got a sub-10 first try, sub-8 next. Cross colour on top: R' D L2 D' R L' U' D L' D U B2 F' D2 B' D' R2 B' F L2 B F' R2 D' F2 My solve: (f2 u) L2 U L F L' U L U F R' F' (u) R U2 R' U R U R' (F2L and OLL skip: 18 moves) U (u) R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' F'...
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    Chance to make a bit of cash with cubing

    I'm in London - can you give me the date? I wouldn't like to send the email without knowing I'm free that time.
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    Cubing clubs

    I founded mine ... it's not official but it doesn't need to be. I give lessons now and again ... bleh. It's more just the people who can solve cubes meet in library at lunch :P
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    IQ tests

    Yea, that's where I fell down. IQ isn't about acquired knowledge its about natural ability ...
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    IQ tests

    I got 113 on the harder one (the one on the bottom) and 108 (but didn't understand how some questions worked) on the top one.