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    Swedish Championship 2013

    I'm going to ask random people tomorrow to borrow me a good competition compatible cube. Be prepared. Hide!
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    [Unofficial] 2.21 2x2 avg12

    is nakajima your favorite?
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Are stickerless cubes banned for sighted events?
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    Accomplishment Thread

    From FII to Zanchi.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Sub 15 (14.95) seconds average of 12 3x3. Changing cubes works.
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    What 3x3x3 cubes are considered to be the best for speedsolving at the moment? I'm going to switch from my old FII and having no clue which one to get.
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    [US NR] Noah Arthurs 41.96 3BLD

    Amazing accomplishment!
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    [Unofficial] Maskow in Polish Got Talent

    I liked the other guy, he was funny and made me laugh
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    [Unofficial] Noah Arthurs 7:24.09 4BLD

    this is a fast solve
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    Should I switch methods?

    cfop takes least effort to get fast with. number two is roux. so if you dont like to spend time practising u should choose cfop
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    [WR] Marcell 3BLD 26.36 at Euro 2012

    my point is that i dont like the rules that will be implemented (after?) the 1st of december
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    [Official] 8.84 average - Euro 2012 first round

    u can almost c the cube
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    [WR] Marcell 3BLD 26.36 at Euro 2012

    according to the current WCA rules this solve would be dq'd
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    [ER] Mats Valk 7.66 3x3x3 Average

    they make difference yo
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    What is the worst/most annoying thing in speed cubing?

    when u realise that u dont make effort to change ur f2l algs and keep on using ur suboptimal ones