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    Stanley Chapel 15.68 3bld

    F' L2 B2 U2 F' R2 B2 L2 D2 F' U' R U' L2 D' F L U2 B D' Rw Uw z' y' // memo // edges U2 L U' M' U L' U' M U' L' Lw U' Lw F M' F' Lw' U S' U' R' E R U R' E' R S D L F' L' S L F L' S' D' // corners R' D' U' R' D R U' R' D' R U2 D R U' D' R D R' U R D' D D' R' D U D R D' U' R' D R U R' D' R D R'...
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    [WR] Max Hilliard 15.5 Blind Single

    Scramble: U2 L' R2 U2 R' B2 L D' F U' R' D' R F2 D' U2 B2 R2 Fw' Uw2 Solution: x2 z' R' U' R' E' R2 E R' U R // FR BL S' Lw D Lw' S Lw D' Lw' // DL RD U L' E Lw U' Lw' E' Lw U M' U' // BD RB L' M U M' U2 M U L M' // LF RU U' S R' F' R S' R' F R // FD BU (cancelled U) R D' R' U R' D R U R'...
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    Duplex Method

    wow pretty cool.
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    Weekly Competition 2017-45

    Nice bubbagrub! Also wow, first time doing weekly comp in many years.
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    Exeter Open 2016 (UK)

    Gotta be quick yo
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    Andy Huang marbelous solve

    lol oke
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    Exeter Open 2016 (UK)

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    Welcome Thay Cambridge 2015

    Thanks for coming everyone! I had fun organising, got a few decent singles (9.10, 36 and 37 on 4x4) which I was content with since I haven't had a chance to practise much recently. See y'all next year at WTC 2016!
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    Welcome Thay Cambridge 2015

    There is now a small waiting list. I will be emailing those on it tonight.
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    Welcome Thay Cambridge 2015

    Another thing, if you can't make it, please e-mail me as soon as possible!
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    Welcome Thay Cambridge 2015

    Sent an e-mail, megaminx has been added. Please reply to that e-mail if you want to be added, I won't be looking here for people asking to be added. Done. Everyone else wanting things changed, please e-mail me. Sorry, forgot we had opened several new offices since then. As RicardoRix said.
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    UK Championship 2015

    The trophy that Rob received was the trophy for the UK #1. I think you mean separate trophy for #1 from any country.
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    UK Championship 2015

    Hit me right in the feels.
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    Welcome Thay Cambridge 2015

    Thanks to all the people registered so far, keep em coming.