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  • I should change my signature because now when I look at it I am seeing what you were seeing.
    ****The continuation****

    many people hear do a certain hobby(cubing), and what I use to do and some others do is to self injure myself. Hey at least its better then doing drugs!!!

    You wouldn't understand it and you even said you didn't, so I dont want to get into a huge argument about how you think it is stupid. There is a reason I go on this forum and it is to get a break from all this other **** I get on other forums(not that I dont like getting into an argument about things) but lets not turn this into something big.
    Im am not saying for people to self injure themselves, nor do I want anyone to. I'm just saying if anyone needs someone to talk to about it then I am an option. Talking to someone who has been through this and understands it is a real help to the individual who does self injure. You are right about it being a coping mechanism but it is not illogical in the slightest. I'm sure when you really angry, lost, depressed, numb or dont feel like you belong you do something that helps you deal with it. Some people write, others self please themselves(fapping),

    ****Continue to other post, I didnt realize it it could only be a thousand characters****
    hmm just saw your post on your own wall haha so i didnt get a notification
    sure add me on skype kk?
    After a warm up? 25 seconds petrus. 16-18 fridrich. 27-30 roux\
    When im sub 20 petrus im switching it to my main
    I meant what times are you averaging and how can I improve on my EO. It's like a 4-7 second pause during my solves with no turns at all.
    Yeah thanks man it worked. I see that you extend the 2x2 in the back right slot? im guessing its because you want to avoid a cube rotation to do EO. I need to work on my eo recognition alot its like im going really fast then a realllllly long pause. what are you averaging?>
    I got Skype but I gotta go and I don't think you did the 2x2x3 right and in he 2x2 i think you meant D' not D
    Dude can you help me with Petrus by making a video of how to make the 2x2 block efficiently? I average like 17 seconds with CFOP 30 seconds with Roux and 27 with Petrus. My breakdowns for Petrus are 8 second 2x2 block, 4 second 2x2x3, 5 second EO, and and 10 seconds to finish the cube.
    Question; 48 point edge mod worth it? Necessary? If it's even a tiny bit better I'll do it.

    Edit: Posted on own page....jesus christ I'm a nubcake and a half now.
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