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    Main 3x3 poll

    DaYan LingYun V2
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    [Unofficial] Alejandro Orozco 3x3 BLD 19.22

    So smooth... Incredible!
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    [WR] 3x3x3 single 5.55 Mats Valk

    Congratulations Mats! You deserve it! :D
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    [Unofficial] 8.14 avg of 5

    I'm so jealous...
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    Hello to everyone from Sweden!

    Välkommen! Nice to see even more swedes here! You should come to a comp some time!
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    Should I switch methods?

    For 3x3, go with what you think is the most fun! I'm sub-5 with ortega so you might want to wait a bit before switching.
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    [ER] Mats Valk 7.66 3x3x3 Average

    Wow, so close...
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    Bye ;)

    Bye maskow! Really sad to see such an awesome cuber quit. Hope you'll return some day. You really smashed the barriers for MBLD... I can actually see myself telling new cubers in a year or two that I got to see you live during Euro. And I will be very proud that I did even though we never got...
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    New ShengShou 9x9

    Mike should do this BLD
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    How do you plan a cross and look a head in F2L?

    Looking ahead means that you know what to do next, if I solve the red piece I simultaneously look for the blue piece, I find it while solving the other piece so that I don't have any pause between the pieces. But at your speed, I wouldn't worry about look-ahead too much. There are more important...
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    The reconstruction thread

    Could someone reconstruct these solves? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Unfortunately, I lost the scrambles...
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    The Solve Critique Thread

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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    Greetings from Sweden!

    Grattis!! Bra jobbat!